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Part 9

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Apr 30th 5:24 PM
~Just Continue the RP here~

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"Well whatever we do, we should do it soon, this is getting far out of hand" Renseal said "His Cleft Dimension has to be a choice layer because it's hard to get to, why would anyone want that other than to bide their time so they can do something really awuful righ?" Renseal said.


Mikosi OOC
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May 12th 9:35 PM
Yeah, sorry, I was all wierd that day...


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May 15th 5:23 PM
(OOC - STOP OOC'in!)

(OOC - Time to restart this post, "ne?")

(OOC - The original story was that this sword could revive only TOTALLY dead magicites, which, in Espers, are rare. Most espers die and condense into Magicites, which still are usable. I look back on my little rule, and think it's stupid. So yeah, the sword would be able to revive Zrycor. Dunno what we'd do if the sword couldn't do that...)

(OOC - I was about to post a similar message to this a couple days ago, but I lost it, and it pissed me off. I just hope I can write one just as good again...)

"Yes, Ragnarok... if we couldn't do that, getting Zrycor back at all would be meaningless... enough talk, let's go."

*First in one large group, the Windorians left the town of Mirage, and entered a forest. Beasts that were obviously present did not confront them, as the group was too large, but when they split up, it would be a different story...*

"So... there look like there are a few trails branching from this point," Skyler said as the group stopped. "I think this is the place where we split up."

*Skyler took the communication device from his pocket and flipped it open.*

"We'll be able to see where we are all, and the path we've all taken, right? We can talk to each other, too... there's no need to worry. Come on, Mikosi... see you guys later."

RPG Box sez:
Skyler and Mikosi
left the party!
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May 15th 5:26 PM
Okay. My group with me. Lets try looking this way. *they walk off down another trail*
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May 15th 10:31 PM
I'll be the .,-=`~Narrator~`=-,. from here on, too. I'll just wait 'till representatives from the two other groups "set out" and then the fun will start.
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May 16th 0:11 AM
"Marrah....Please let me accompany you and Ragnarok." Renseal said, quite anxsois to help out

"Excalibur would you go with Dragon for the time being?" The Knight asked.
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May 16th 0:25 AM
((Renseal... it is spelled anxious, in case you are wondering ^_~))

*The forest was dark, and suspicious noises were heard from every direction. Mikosi shivers, but continues walking*

"What are we looking for, exactly?"
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May 16th 3:05 AM

*Skyler looked at the surroundings.*

"We're looking for Beriah... the problem is, we don't know how big this place is, or where Beriah is... now that I think about it, the only way we'll surely be able to find him, is if he comes to us. Wait a sec..."

*Skyler cautiously sat down on a rock, hoping it wouldn't transform into any type of monster.*

"Why did we come here anyway, without any direction to follow in the first place? I mean... hmm... this wasn't such a good plan..."

*Mikosi's attention was suddenly caught by something else.*

"Skyler... look out...!"

*A giant fungus of sort appeared, and wildly swung for Skyler. Skyler was knocked to the ground, and when he got up, where he was hit singed in pain.*

"Some kind of poison... C'mon! Let's get this thing before it tries to eat us!"
User ID: 9029153
May 16th 3:10 AM
*Meanwhile, Renseal, Ragnarok and Illumina walked down a seperate path in the forest. They came upon a stone structure, partially hidden by trees, and when they walked around the structure, an entire castle stood before them.*

*Excalibur, Dragon, and Deric were led into a mass factory of sorts, containing some rustic gear-operating machinery.*

*Lady Marrah and Mystra found themselves in a desert, where the sand below their feet rushed like a river. It was quicksand.*

(Okay, I've divided up the plots, and these are actually real places in the Cleft of Dimension. Any problems, or if you want to drop out, you know who to call...)
User ID: 2700404
May 16th 9:58 AM
Okay now then. *prys open the door to the place* Let's all see what is in here. *walks in and lights up the room with a small light spell*
User ID: 1550764
May 16th 5:23 PM
*Skyler hovered away from the monster fungus, while Mikosi, careful enough to dodge the swinging arms and pollen shooting from its vines, chopped off multiple limbs with her staff. Skyler cast a powerful Fire spell on the beast, injuring it, but not killing it. Mikosi finished it off with another blow of her staff. Skyler dropped to the ground and wiped his brow.*

"It took that much to kill a fungus? We really do have to be careful..."
User ID: 1641184
May 16th 6:57 PM
*Mikosi's eyes widened as she looked at Skyler's wound*

"Oh my god! Its turning green!"

*Skyler's wound had a greeness about it, and Mikosi was frantically looking around her bag for some sort of anti-poison*

User ID: 9175333
May 16th 10:03 PM
Renseal stood before the castle, and then Turned to Ragnarok "Do you know much about the cleft Dimension, this is a little...disturbing" The Knight drew his sword, ready for anything
User ID: 9029153
May 17th 0:48 AM
"I'm fine... just a little weakened..."

*Skyler cast a Heal spell on himself, and the wound was healed.*

"There's no need to become frightened. There are many frightening things out there... the only thing I'm scared about is us getting lost... even with this contraption..." Skyler held up the comm device.

*Suddenly, the ground shook under Skyler and Mikosi's feet, and the grass turned into dust. Skyler and Mikosi plummeted downward into a dark pit, but Skyler caught the wind and held on to Mikosi, and they hovered down to the bottom.*

"What's... this?" Skyler looked around, but all he could see was blackness. Strange enough, though, Mikosi and Skyler so were visible it seemed like sunlight still shone down on them. "Something tells me... we're trapped..."

Mikosi shook off the excited feeling, and reassured herself. "But you have that device, you'll be able to talk to the rest of the group..."

"Yes, you're right. Now..." Skyler felt for his pouch, but the comm device was nowhere to be found. "Oh, no! When I took it out, I held on to it... I must've let go when we were falling... it's proabaly broken now... This can't be good."
User ID: 7204563
May 17th 2:25 PM
*taps on a rusted gear* Well I wonder what this place was for? Any of you fellas have a clue?
User ID: 1641184
May 17th 7:13 PM
*She shivers a bit, and looks toward Skyler*

"What do you think will happen to us?" She bites her lower lip, and looks around at the blackness from every side... "I am really, really afraid now."

*She holds her arms and shivers again, looking into the blackness, starting to hyperventalate*

"I don't like being in darkness...."
User ID: 9029153
May 18th 1:42 AM
"We're not meant to die like this... all this was just a belief... why did we believe we could do this, when we were less powerful to start out with? We 'believed' in ourselves, and our beliefs lef us nowhere..."

*Skyler put his face into his hands.*

Muffled, he said, "Stories, rumors, confidence, religions... all beliefs..."
User ID: 9029153
May 18th 1:52 AM
*Meanwhile, Ragnarok, Renseal, and Illumina had found the front entrance of the seemingly peaceful castle.*

Illumina asked, "Can I see that comm device, Ragnarok? I'd just like to tell the other groups we've found something..."


*Ragnarok handed Illumina the device, and she looked at the screen. She suddenly became puzzled.*

Illumina: "Weren't we in four groups?"
Ragnarok: "Yes..."
Illumina: "Well... I only see three... and I don't see Skyler and Mikosi's group..."
Ragnarok: "Hmm, that's strange... you're right!"
Illumina: *presses the Send button* "Come in, Skyler, do you read?"

*No response came.*

Illumina: "Dragon, Marrah, can you check for any response or signal from Mikosi and Skyler's group?"
Dragon (over comm): "Nope, nothing."
Lady Marrah (over comm): "I'm sorry, they're not coming in. Strange..."
Illumina: "...I hope nothing bad happened to them."
Ragnarok: "We'll deal with that later... first let's take a look at this castle..."

*The three went up to the gate, opened it, and ascended a stairway. They entered a courtyard, and a familiar figure was standing near the edge, looking off into the distance.*

Ragnarok (whispering): "That's Genghis!"

*But Genghis faded out of sight mid-sentence.*

Ragnarok: "Come on, let's go search this castle some more and see if we can find out where he went..."
User ID: 9029153
May 18th 1:55 AM
*The machinery room suddenly lit up, and a large TV screen descended in front of Dragon and the others.*

"This is just another mirage in the vast Cleft of Dimension," Genghis reported. "Of course, it's so real that it'll easily kill you..."

*The image on the screen disappeared, and the lights dimmed again. A nearby door opened, and with large metal clanks, a spider-like machine bounded for the three.*
Skyler OOC
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May 18th 1:56 AM
Mystra and Marrah, are you still participating? If not, that's totally okay... in fact, since you really haven't done much at all so far, I'd recommend it...
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