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Part 10

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Apr 30th 5:24 PM
~Just Continue the RP here~

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"Well whatever we do, we should do it soon, this is getting far out of hand" Renseal said "His Cleft Dimension has to be a choice layer because it's hard to get to, why would anyone want that other than to bide their time so they can do something really awuful righ?" Renseal said.


Skyler OOC
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May 18th 1:56 AM
Mystra and Marrah, are you still participating? If not, that's totally okay... in fact, since you really haven't done much at all so far, I'd recommend it...
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May 18th 7:02 PM
Renseal took his drawn sword, and Jumped at the Spider-Engine.

"What's everyone's magical specialty?"Renseal turned from his slashing arm, curved to the left, and then brough his sword in a side arc at one of the legs of the spider. It hit the joing with a clang, as there was a ring, The leg took very little damage though.

"Oh oh"
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May 18th 7:40 PM
Excalibur answers Renseal. "Well, if you must know, my sister and I are both Holy-elemental. Basically due to our species..."

*Dragon and Deric wonder about what he said...


...That thought was interrupted by the near miss of an Atomic Ray from the machine.*

*Excalibur casts a very powerful Holy spell on the spider-like machine, and spheres of white energy head for it...But its body was made of a magic-reflective metal, and the spell reflects back at the group...Nearly hitting Deric.*

"Hmm. Direct casting of magic just reflects off of it...*

*Excalibur tries to Scan the machine to find out what elemental it is weak to...Using a non-magic way of doing so, of course.

~~Scan Complete!~~
Name: Omega
Elemental Strength: Fire
Elemental Weakness: Lightning
~~End Scan~~

This is the information he needed.*

Ah,that's what he's weak to...And I have an idea on how to kill it. Deric, Renseal, do either of you know high-level Lightning magic?"
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May 18th 10:18 PM
*She looks over to Skyler, a faint glitter in her eyes. She touches his arm once, and looks into his eyes*

"Is love a belief?"
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May 18th 11:28 PM
"Deric Knows High level Fire magic" Renseal muttered

(OOC: Wait a sec wasn't the Robot attacking Ragnarok and Illumina's group?)
User ID: 9029153
May 19th 0:03 AM
(OOC - No, that's you guys... oh wait a minute... you're not even in that group. :P I didn't notice that. Heh heh... you're going to have to sit out of this fight... but one's coming for you, Rag and Lum, soon.)


*Thoughts flashed through Skyler's head. He remembered his parents and his sister, and the wonderful life he led in the esper world, and then his thoughts flashed to his grownup life, surrounded by friends and, at least, a little family. He then thought of Mikosi, a girl who got caught up in her own words, but would never harm anything with good intention. She led almost the same life as Skyler; a life of mistaken identities and secrets. Was he really right, that love was just a belief? Were feelings just beliefs? Did Skyler feel this love?*


*Then, another thought flashed through his head, the thought of Entanebx, and trust. He had confused him, and tried to make him believe that he was the good man, and Windor was just a path to his death. The thought never lost his head, and he tried not to believe it. Skyler sat in silence, looking into Mikosi's eyes, and a faint glitter entered his eyes as well.*

"Beliefs get us through life... without it, we would have no one to turn to... whether or not love is a belief, I must correct myself... even in my short life, I have learned to love many things. My friends, my family..."

*Skyler put his hands into Mikosi's.*

"Mikosi... when we first met, it seemed as though you had already known me. You looked into my eyes, and I remember the smile on your to this day. Did we know each other before I...?"
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May 19th 10:07 AM
I know very high levels of lightening magic. what do you want done. A bolt 50 or so or what? As for my magic specialty you name it and I have it. (mainly I am a blue mage type any magic I see or experiance I learn)
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May 19th 9:31 PM
((OOC--Oops, my fault, I said Renseal when I should've said Dragon...I got the groups confused...))
"Ah, good," Excalibur answers. "Cast your highest level of Lightning magic on Deric."

"Why?" Dragon asks.

"It's an old enchantment used when the enemy has a permanent magic reflection barrier ability. It can pass right through the barrier."

*Omega fires a few more Atomic Rays at the group, but they manage to dodge them.*

"But won't I be electrocuted?" Deric asks.

"No, you'll be OK. I can focus the magic straight into the blade while shielding it from your hands, avoiding any direct contact with the Lightning magic itself."

*Dragon casts his highest level of Lightning magic right at Deric. Excalibur uses his psiconic abilities to focus the power into the sword and shield Deric's hands from the bolt. Deric then heads for Omega, and slashes at it. It takes a lot more damage than when Dragon attacked it, but it will be quite awhile before their group can destroy Omega...*
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May 19th 9:52 PM
((OOC: Skyler, sorry I haven't been around, things have been crazy for me lately. I haven't turned on my compy in DAYS!! I am still participating but I'm not sure about Marrah...? I haven't heard from her.))

Mystra and Lady Marrah walked down the path wary of everything around them. "This place is so strange...", Mystra said. She noticed that the foliage was growing thinner and thinner. As she to mention this to Marrah, Marrah pointed forward. A ways off, the path ended. The greenery stopped all together and a vast desert stretched ahead of the travelers.

Suddenly something jumped onto the path in front of them. Mystra yelped and quickly drew her sword. Marrah laughed... scaring the rabbit who jumped into a nearby bush. A red faced Mystra sheathed her sword and a chuckling Marrah started walking again.

They came to the end of the path and stopped. Just as they did, their communicating device beeped and Illumina's voice came through.

"So Skyler and Mikosi ar missing now...? I don't think we should just walk out into this desert." The land before them seemed kind of like a maze, so they both decided to follow the edge of it to find a way around.
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May 20th 1:09 PM
Renseal wonderes exactly what they have run into, the area looks peaceful, but who really knows.

"Hmmmm" He wondered a bit, not sure of his surroundings
Narrator 'n' stuff
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May 21st 2:20 AM
*Monsters jumped out from every corner inside the castle, but Ragnarok, with help from Illumina and Renseal, were able to quickly do away with them. The scoured the castle for about an hour, when one room remained.*

*The three walked up to a rotting wooden door with rusty metal hinges.*

"If I'm not mistaken," Ragnarok said, "This is the door to the castle's jail."

*Ragnarok kicked open the door, breaking the rusty lock restraining it. The three walked down a spiraling staircase, and came upon a dark hallway of jail cells, most of which were occupied with a group of common folk.*

"Let me out...!" Many of them yelled.

*Illumina felt sorry for the people, and went to tear a barred door away from one cell to let the people go. Before Ragnarok could finish the sentence "Stop, it's a trick," 5 people came running out of the cell, but with a glare in their eyes. They then morphed into bent over Alien (the movie)-like monsters.*

"Stand guard!"
User ID: 9175333
May 21st 12:02 PM
"On Guard!" Renseal yeled, readying his weapon. He quickly brought his sword to bear, and parryed an attack headed for him.

He hoped back a bit, and got ready to attack

bringing his sword from the side, he slashed a monster in the face, sending it's vision away from the group. Renseal brought his sword back, and thrusted it into the momentarilky blinded monster's chest.

"huff Pant huff" Renseal panted, as it wasn't so easy to kill these things
Lady Marrah OOC
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May 22nd 5:21 PM
... Sorry for not posting in so long, guys (esp. Mystra and Skyler)... I'm devoid of inspiration here. ^_^;; I probably should bow out if ya don't mind.
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May 23rd 1:26 AM
That's okay... I only wonder what I'm going to do with Mystra.

Dragon OOC
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May 23rd 9:49 AM
Well. Marrah. I am sorry if I kinda forced you to stay in the game by lending you energy.
Lady Marrah OOC
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May 23rd 11:02 AM
That's okay, Dragon, you were just doing what your character would do. -_^
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May 23rd 7:41 PM
*She quickly shakes her head*

"No... I... well, we never met before you had died... but..."

*Mikosi sighs, trying to find the words for her short tale*

"When I came into Windor, I saw something. I mean, not visually, but mentally. I saw an esper... being killed by two others. That esper... was you. I - I mean, my... it, well, it just..."

*She hung her head, not able to say what she meant.*
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May 23rd 11:07 PM
((OOC: Marrah, don't worry about it. You and Neo should start a club!! ^_^ But I would like to and another "Hmmm" to Skyler's. What do we do with me? I suggest I just "stumble" upon another group, but I don't know if that would interfere with anyone's plans.))
Crysta (ooc)
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May 24th 5:18 PM
hi everone. long time no see! if there is any room 4 me, i'll re join this, just catch me up on the plot, and if you dont want me 2 join, just say so.
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