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Part 8

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Apr 30th 5:24 PM
~Just Continue the RP here~

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"Well whatever we do, we should do it soon, this is getting far out of hand" Renseal said "His Cleft Dimension has to be a choice layer because it's hard to get to, why would anyone want that other than to bide their time so they can do something really awuful righ?" Renseal said.


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May 7th 11:31 PM
"I have just the thing..."

As always, Excalibur was prepared for anything. He revealed four devices in in holsters on the interior of his lab coat.

"I brought these along, in case someone asked that..."

He took one out and pushed a button, receiving a small "beep."

"These are walkie-talkie-like devices, which also tell you where you've strayed from a set location, and where the other devices are located. I just set this location as the starting point, so if anyone gets lost, this is the place to meet."

Excalibur then handed one each to Dragon, Mystra, and Skyler.

"I think I could help, too, with animating these people... they seem to be in suspended animation because of the dimensional shift... if I'm not mistaken, they have been suspended for about three years. Entanebx must have resumed time for those monsters... I bet he's resumed time for all the monsters around here... but it's a good idea. Shall we begin?"

(OOC - Yeah, this is Skyler. I just thought that Cal would be the kind of guy to say this, and I bet you don't mind, Ragnarok... do you? Thanks anyway.)
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May 8th 1:01 PM
*no not raise alarm he turns into a standard appearing human and then reanimates a crowd that was over on one side of the street while the others are out of sight* So what's been happening? I just arrived in town and was wondering what all the latest news was. *hoping the charade would work so as to get some info he continues to interview them*
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May 8th 6:36 PM
Mystra took the transmiter from Excalibur and placed it on her belt next to a purple crystal unicorn that hung there.

She smiled and clapped her hands together. "Let's find out what these people know and get started. If I stand here much longer I'm going to become animately-suspended!"
Mr. Traveler Guy
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May 8th 7:30 PM
"--NOOOO!!" the man shouted as he was reanimated. He looked around, saw the group of new faces, and then saw the rest of the frozen community. He whipped his head toward Dragon, and yelled, "How could you have missed it!? We were all watching the fight of our lives, with two identical people! One was named Ragnarok, and one was named Entanebx, I think... Ragnarok was casting a powerful spell, when we all scrambled, and then everybody froze... then you guys just appeared!"

Skyler thought to himself, <So Ragnarok was the one that sent this whole town to the Cleft? He must have amazing abilities to do that... and... Entanebx, too...>

The traveler pointed at Ragnarok. "There he is! Right there! But... where's Entanebx?"

Dragon said, "We're not sure right now..."

"Well, just as long as he's not here. We were all rooting for Ragnarok, see..."

Mikosi was becoming very impatient. Totally confused about the turn of events, she yelled, "What is going on here?!"



All right, the reason I ended the post off like that was because I bet everyone's confused about something. There are lots of contradicting details and plot holes that I'd like to fill in...

About the Cleft of Dimension - In the game FF5, there was a dimensional shift in the game, and the Cleft of Dimension was created. In Windor, it still exists. (Heck, anything exists for the sake of roleplaying.)

Okay. Entanebx was created when an instantaneos dimensional shift three years ago duplicated everything on earth, creating an "evil" duplicate (OOH SCARY!).
Since it was instantaneous, the dimensions re-aligned right afterward, sending the duplicates back to the other dimension. But one duplicate, Ragnarok's duplicate, was so strong that he stayed in the primary dimension. Ragnarok had fought Entanebx in the special town of Mirage, which is like its own dimension, not in the Cleft, Primary, or Secondary dimension.
Ragnarok ended up sending everything, except for himself, to the Cleft of Dimension in suspended animation, while he was sent off into the Secondary dimension.
After a couple years of searching, he finally found a way back to the Primary Dimension.
Entanebx, however, bent the rules of time, un-suspended himself, and created a kingdom of his own in the Cleft. He could bring people in and out of the Cleft of Dimension, but he himself could not leave until someone entered on their own free will (which G.S. Blank did.)
He still sought revenge on Ragnarok, so he hypnotized the young Garn to retrieve a powerful staff of his that ended up in the hands of Crysta. (The staff was sent the same direction as Ragnarok, but appeared in the Primary dimensions sooner.)
With Entanebx powerful again, he sent Garn (now known as Beriah, after a transformation), and the mysterious Genghis out to destroy Ragnarok, and anything else that got in their way.
When Ragnarok, Skyler, and a group of other people (you guys) found their way into the Cleft of Dimension, it permitted Entanebx to leave the Cleft, and head for Windor.
Now, Ragnarok's group has found its way into the town in the Cleft of Dimension, and is looking for a way to find Entanebx, unknowing that Entanebx is already in Windor.

What lies in store for Windor, now with Ragnarok gone?

Will Ragnarok's group be able to make it back to Windor?

What has happened to Beriah and Genghis, now that they have been sent to the Cleft as well?

TUNE IN NEXT WEEK (or whenever)!

Questions? Comments? Jelly Beans? Hesitate to ask, and then ask.
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May 9th 10:50 AM
Really? I remember seeing some battle scenes just as I entered town but by the time I entered they were gone. Thanks. *walks back over to the rest of the crowd* Well at least we know some of what happened here. *in a whisper only the group could hear* Should I re-freeze them?
User ID: 3362054
May 9th 4:01 PM
Mystra stood thinking about what the man had said. She was still confused a little, but for the most part, things seemed to be coming together... the past at least.

The man had asked where Entanebx was... That was the real question, she thought to herself.

Turning to Dragon, Mystra wispered, "I think it would be good to freeze him again. We probably shouldn't disturb the people in this realm. We might only make the situation worse."
User ID: 3145934
May 9th 6:06 PM
Okay then. *a wave of his hand and the man's recent memory of the past few minutes is wiped, he is refrozen, and Dragon is back to his old self in his dark armor* There.
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May 9th 8:56 PM
*She mumbles something to herself, as if she was in meditation, just thinking.*


*Suddenly, something snaps in her brain, and she looks up, dazed.*

"I don't know too much about it, but are espers that are related by blood, somehow magically connected? Like, maybe traceable?"
Skyler OOC
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May 9th 8:59 PM
Dragon, this guy, even though he didn't know it, along with the entire town, was frozen for around three years. What happened a minute ago to him happened in real life 3 years ago. So you couldn't have witnessed the battle... especially since Ragnarok is right there standing next to you :).
User ID: 9175333
May 9th 10:14 PM
"Alright, this is unforgivable, Ragnarok, you have my sword till Entanebx is vanquished" The Knight spoke, and piped down, still pretty disturbed
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May 10th 5:10 PM
OOC: I know. I was pretending I had seen it so as not to raise suspicion in him. As for the most recent memory wipe it was of the minutes I was talking to him just as a precaution.
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May 11th 0:31 AM
"I think that there is... sort of... I heard from my sister that I once read her thoughts... and that ability the read her thoughs made me discover our relation... are you suggesting that Ragnarok may be able to find Entanebx?"
User ID: 1641184
May 11th 0:44 AM
"No... no, not Ragnarok... I mean me!"

*She looked up at the group, breaking her hard concentration on the ground, once again*

"You know, Beriah has my father..."
User ID: 9029153
May 11th 0:46 AM
"I'm not sure of this, but he's a magicite... I don't think you'd be able to do that..."
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May 11th 9:09 PM
((OOC--I GREATLY apologize for not posting...Schoolwork and the way the RP was going kept me from doing so. As soon as the groups split up, though, I'll post more often here.

And to Renseal: I...Already have a sword, if you remember Ragnarok's bio...But out of curiosity, what kind of sword are you giving my character, anyway?))
*Ragnarok looks over to Mikosi, after remembering something when she mentioned "blood relation between Espers".*

"Actually, yes, our kind is, in a way, blood related...We can mindspeak with those of our kindred in times of trouble, it's how we kept together and alive during the War of the Magi. But, since some of our kindred have married non-Espers and had children, this weakens the bloodline, and ultimately, the Esper's abilities in the children. As for tracing Entanebx with this power, it can't be done...Not only was his power twisted from that dimensional shift, but also his powers as an Esper...Though he has gained enough power to mindspeak with any species now..."

*Ragnarok then remembers something about the Magicite...He turns to Skyler, and says:*

"Wait. About Mikosi's father...If we can get his Magicite back from Beriah...We could use that sword Garn had to bring him back to life..."

((OOC--Speaking of which, whatever happened to the sword? I lost track of what happened to it...))
User ID: 9175333
May 11th 9:44 PM
(OOC: it's an expression...My Sword is yours= I'll fight with you to the end)

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May 12th 0:08 AM

I'll shaddup now -_-
Ragnarok OOC
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May 12th 4:19 PM
((To Renseal: OK, THAT makes sense, I didn't think of it as a figure of speech. As you just noticed, my way of taking [most] things literally [unless I can find something to disprove it] has shown its downside...

To Mikosi: Yes, I know that...It was to continue on the detail on whether or not Zyrcor [I hope I have the right name] could be saved, and not to restate the whole "Beriah Has My Father" part of the RP. Sorry about not clearing that up earlier...))
Mikosi OOC
User ID: 1641184
May 12th 9:35 PM
Yeah, sorry, I was all wierd that day...


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