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Part 7

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Apr 30th 5:24 PM
~Just Continue the RP here~

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"Well whatever we do, we should do it soon, this is getting far out of hand" Renseal said "His Cleft Dimension has to be a choice layer because it's hard to get to, why would anyone want that other than to bide their time so they can do something really awuful righ?" Renseal said.


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May 3rd 8:14 PM
Odds are that the baddies there are exactly what you can conceive in your mind. In other words they are merely wraiths that you have nothing to fear from until you imagine some sort of monster which they then turn into.
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May 4th 0:55 AM
"So, once we arrive at the Cleft, I'm not sure how one big group will be the best strategy. Maybe we should split up into groups of two or three... and I think I'll make the groups, if that's okay..."

*Skyler backed away from the group, pondered his decision for a moment, then pointed at Dragon.*

"Dragon, Renseal and Deric, you'll be one group."
"Lady Marrah, you go with Mystra... maybe you'll be meeting up with Blank when we get there, I'm not sure..."
"Ragnarok and Excalibur, you two can go..."

*Illumina came bounding through the tavern door, hesitant not to run into anyone, so that they would be knocked out for quiiiite a while...*

~"What about me?"

"You can go with Excalibur and Ragnarok, I know how this concerns you..."

"Informat, you should stay here in Windor, in case anything remotely happens while we're away... I have a strong feeling that something will..."

"And Mikosi, you should go with me. We're going for Beriah first..."

*Skyler took another step back and smiled at the slightly confused looks on people's faces.*

"Is everyone all right with this?"

(OOC - Yeah, is everyone? If you're not participating, that's fine, I was including Deric and Mystra because they were briefly in on the action, and I still count them as 'present...' Don't totally worry about this group thing, I just thought it would be a good idea so seperate subplots could spring up.

Another question, who here's played FF5 / Gone to the Cleft of Dimension?)
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May 4th 8:27 AM
IC: Okay I am fine with the team decisions.
OOC: I am working on getting there in FF5.

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May 4th 10:53 PM
*A timid, yet familiar figure crept out from a nearby door. She slowly walked toward the unknowing group. Hands behind her back, she muttered,*

"Good luck, Skyler..."

*Skyler turned his head, to see Crysta, much more silent than usual.*

"Crysta! It's great to see you! I..."

*Skyler suddenly remembered that Crysta was powerless, and would remain so without her staff.*

"I'm gonna get your powers back, sis... just you wait."

*An hour or two passed, and the people had gotten whatever they needed, and gotten prepared for whatever would face them. The group assembled back at the Tavern, and awaited the arrival of the transport to the Cleft of Dimension.*
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May 4th 11:33 PM
"Aye, Any party would suit me fine, so long as they are virtuous" exclaimed Renseal
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May 5th 1:27 AM
A young beautiful woman with red hair with pink streaks and a firey spirit to match,intimidatingly walked towards Windor's force. She wore red and pink armor, which highlighted her feminine features. She carried a fierce red and pink-striped metallic bo, which clanked against the road every step she took.

Renseal, Skyler, and the others couldn't make out who she was or why she was nearing them. The only thing they could tell from looking at her as she hastily approached, was the look of determination in her eye.
User ID: 8527773
May 5th 7:25 AM
Nice color coordination. What kind of bo are you talking about? A staff like weapon or a bow and arrow type of thing.
User ID: 3362054
May 5th 8:41 AM
(OOC: Sorry about dissapearing on all you guys! College finals are KILLER... x_x Skyler, I haven't played FF5, but I'm definately ready for some action now!!)

Mystra turned to Lady Marrah, "The groups are ok with me if they're ok with everyone else!"
User ID: 0394114
May 5th 10:47 AM
(a bo staff-like weapon)
User ID: 1641184
May 5th 5:21 PM
*After finally understanding everything that was going on, she pipes up*

"Wait, what do I do again?"
User ID: 9029153
May 6th 1:40 PM
(OOC - Oh Maaaaarraaaahhh...?)

"You're coming with me, Mikosi..."
User ID: 1641184
May 6th 2:27 PM
"Um... ok, I think I understand now..."

*She blinks once, making sure she understands, and goes over to stand by Skyler*
Lady Marrah
User ID: 9621663
May 6th 7:26 PM
(OOC: @_@ I have such a headache right now, and my throat hurts, and I'm tired... Consider this post a public service, 'cuz I wouldn't be doing it if I wasn't holding the RP up.)

Marrah steadied her golden rapier in its scabbard and picked up her Staff. "Very well, Mystra and I can work together." She looked toward the sky. "Any minute now, Blank will--"


In a flash of eldtrich light, the group was sped toward their destination.

(OOC: Yeah, it sucked, live with it.)
The Trio
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May 6th 8:20 PM
Beriah: "Entanebx! They've opened the portal!"

Entanebx: "..."

*Entanebx cast Warp on himself, Beriah and Genghis, and the trio appeared in a Windor avenue. Loud crashes rang nearby, as various monsters from the Cleft of Dimension rained down on the city. The sky had remained the fiery red from the first time the Cleft monsters had appeared.*

Beriah: "We did it! And those idiots fell for it! How are they going to get back to Windor in time...?"
Entanebx: "I'll see to it that they don't get back to Windor at all..."

*A grin fell upon Entanebx's face.*

"Ragnarok is gone..."

Beriah: "That's great, Entanebx. Now what do we do?"
Entanebx: "You're done for now. You've done what I asked of you."
Beriah: "WHAT? That's IT? No reward, or anything? This SUCKS! Come on, man! What the hell do I--"

*Entanebx cast X-Zone on Beriah and the silent Genghis, sending him speedily back to the Cleft.*
User ID: 9029153
May 6th 8:27 PM
*The group formed in the suspened town of Mirage. Worn time travellers were seen around the town, but none of them moved a muscle.*

"Here we are... it looks like an entire town was once sent to the Cleft... Awesome..."

(Ragnarok-Style OOC - Skyler meant "Awesome" as "Of Awe." Not "Cool." Just wanted to make you aware of that.)

"I guess we should split up. Salinia, you go with Lady Marrah and Mystra. Everyone try to look for any sign of Entanebx... Mikosi, Beriah's in the Cleft, too... we have to search him out."

(OOC - I'm not totally sure how we are going to do this. Perhaps we can split it off into seperate RP's, and you guys could make your own little quests. I know how you guys like quests. Or, I could be the Narrator. Or both.

If any of you want to back out of this, just tell me...)
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May 6th 9:18 PM
Hum. Interesting. I could try to animate some of these people enough to learn some things about this place. What say you all?
User ID: 3362054
May 6th 11:05 PM
Mystra stood beside Lady Marrah and Salinia and looked around. "I think that would be a good idea Dragon. We could use all the information we can get. Besides, these people might even know about Entanebx, or Beriah and the other one.

Also, once we know a little more, we can form plans and split up."
User ID: 9175333
May 7th 1:36 AM
Not a person of Mystics, Renseal was profoundly awed by the things he saw, and was dead silent because of the atrocities(sp?) that he saw all around him. Finally, he mumbled "I don't know if Spliting up here is the best doesn't seem safe"
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May 7th 11:31 PM
"I have just the thing..."

As always, Excalibur was prepared for anything. He revealed four devices in in holsters on the interior of his lab coat.

"I brought these along, in case someone asked that..."

He took one out and pushed a button, receiving a small "beep."

"These are walkie-talkie-like devices, which also tell you where you've strayed from a set location, and where the other devices are located. I just set this location as the starting point, so if anyone gets lost, this is the place to meet."

Excalibur then handed one each to Dragon, Mystra, and Skyler.

"I think I could help, too, with animating these people... they seem to be in suspended animation because of the dimensional shift... if I'm not mistaken, they have been suspended for about three years. Entanebx must have resumed time for those monsters... I bet he's resumed time for all the monsters around here... but it's a good idea. Shall we begin?"

(OOC - Yeah, this is Skyler. I just thought that Cal would be the kind of guy to say this, and I bet you don't mind, Ragnarok... do you? Thanks anyway.)
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