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Part 11

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Apr 30th 5:24 PM
~Just Continue the RP here~

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User ID: 9175333 Apr 30th 1:11 AM
"Well whatever we do, we should do it soon, this is getting far out of hand" Renseal said "His Cleft Dimension has to be a choice layer because it's hard to get to, why would anyone want that other than to bide their time so they can do something really awuful righ?" Renseal said.


Crysta (ooc)
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May 24th 5:18 PM
hi everone. long time no see! if there is any room 4 me, i'll re join this, just catch me up on the plot, and if you dont want me 2 join, just say so.
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May 24th 5:34 PM
((OOC--As for the Lightning thing with Excalibur's group, I did something REAL dumb: I assumed that the lightning bolt would head for HIM. A few days after posting this, I realized something: The sword was METAL and would have acted as a lightning rod...Of course, there's still the risk of electrocution regardless of where the bolt would have went, so I got at least part of that RP right ^_^))


*While Renseal was attacking one of the aliens, Ragnarok and Illumina were keeping the other four at bay.

*One of the aliens had charged at Illumina, who promptly lifted it up and threw it right into another alien, sending them both against the castle wall.*

*Ragnarok was busy fending off another of the aliens. After managing to knock it unconscious with the hilt of his sword, he jumps high into the air and shifts into his sword-shaped Esper form, impaling the alien after coming in contact with the ground. He then shifts back to his human form and goes over to help Illumina and Renseal with the other three aliens.*
User ID: 9175333
May 24th 9:25 PM
Renseal raised his sword to the air, and as feathers seemed to eminate from the blade, the heaves blasted energy down at the blade, and apon contact, Renseal slashed The Alien in from of him with the energy, smashing it to bits.
User ID: 3362054
May 24th 10:28 PM
((OOC: Crysta!!! You may be the answer to "inspiration-less" Lady Marrah. If you (or anyone else) wouldn't mind, you could pick up Lady Marrah's spot with me. We were investigating a quicksand desert... but nothing specific has happened yet due to my and Marrah's short abscence. If that sounds good, and no one else protests, just jump in!))
Skyler OOC
User ID: 9029153
May 26th 10:39 PM
Ehhh... actually, Crysta can't be in this RP. Maybe you don't remember, but in this time- and status- consistent movie, Crysta's powerless, and waiting for Skyler back in Windor. Sorry....

Anyway, Mystra, maybe you could just OOC join one of the other groups, like you were always in the group.

Looks like the group fighting Omega needs help, since Deric kinda disappeared...
User ID: 9029153
May 26th 11:04 PM
*Skyler comforted Mikosi, and put his hand on her shoulder.*

"I understand... but what does this mean? Why was it you that witnessed this? Maybe it was fate..."
User ID: 1641184
May 26th 11:26 PM
*She figited, uncomfortably*

"I have witnessed many things, past, present, and future... its a power... and somehow, I guess this was important to me..."
User ID: 3145934
May 29th 12:49 PM
That's us right the group fighting Omega. I will help us out a bit better. *due the the machine still going on he transforms into his dragon (smaller state than usual) form* Grr. *begins to tear into it*
User ID: 9175333
May 29th 6:09 PM
(OOC: This is the Second 100'th post I've made)
(ANyway, the situation's like this: Skyler and Mikosi are somewhere, having some troubles, while Ragnarok Illumina and Renseal are fighting some odd monsters at the castle, lastly, Dragon Excalibur, and Mystra.)

Second Nararrator:Entanebx has fled the dimension, unknown to our heros, and thins aren't looking to well for all the groups......Stay tuned for the next post, Same Windor Time, Same Windor board!!!!