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The Quest for Forgiveness
Part 7

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Mar 21st 6:59 PM
((100th post by Mikosi, continue RPing "The Quest for Forgiveness" from this Topic))
She gently plucks up the magacite from the soft grass. Mikosi gazes at it, almost as if it was a severed head or something.

"My in my hands. That old timekeeper lied about everything. About daddy being killed in battle, about me being only 14. About everything. But now..."

She grasps the magicite harder, and it starts to glow

"...I can see my father!"

The magacite casts an esper, that isn't her father, but an Earth esper. His aurora of magic causes her to pass out, and the earth esper just stares at her for a while, trying to figure out what to do. He opens his mouth and shouts loudly to the horizon

"Someone come and help! She's dead or something! I don't know what to do! Help!"
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Mar 22nd 6:24 PM
(OOC - Er, thanks, Ragnarok.)

*Needless to say, their first stop would be their beloved Windor. Everyone would love to see Skyler, now back in human form as not to frighten anyone. He didn't like being in human form, but it was something he'd have to live with. Loud shouts of "Help!" came from a patch of grass, near the Tavern. Crysta, atop her dragon Kiop once more, and Skyler using his wings, flew down to see what the commotion was about. Hotaru and a soul of an esper greeted them.*

"Hotaru! Titan!" Crysta said. "It's good to see you! What's happened here?"

"A girl summoned me, and then passed out!" Titan said helplessly. "Please, what should I do?"

"Turn back into magicite, Titan, I'll take it from here."

*Titan disappeared in a flash of light and formed into magicite. Crysta kneeled down over the girl and chanted a light magic spell, bringing the girl to her senses.*

"Wha--? Where's my father? Hey, who're you?"

"My name's Crysta Aragaron, and this's my brother Skyler."

*Skyler. The name echoed through her head a thousand times at once. She stared wide-eyed into Skyler's, seeing if he was the same Skyler she saw brutally killed in her mind. The human appearance held her back a bit, but she could see it was him.*

"Hello," Skyler said, sounding weak and childish, and overall simple-mindedly.
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Mar 22nd 7:07 PM
"..." She just stared at him. Motionlessly. After about 5 minutes, she blinked and broke her run of motionlessness.

"Oh, sorry, I just had, um..." she picks up her septer weapon and stands up, "I'm fine, really I am."

She uses her angelic wing to cover her blushing face. This was that Skyler for sure, and she definately did not want to have a bad impression to him.

"That vile little caller has my father." Her eyes glowed a dangerous red, "I'm gonna kill that little imp."
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Mar 23rd 11:21 AM
"Caller?" Skyler answered. "Is the caller Garn? He took the head elder of the esper world..."

"Zrycor... is your father?" Crysta asked, bewildered.
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Mar 23rd 6:10 PM
"My daddy is the head elder of the esper world?" Mikosi asked, also bewildered.

"Well, I'm just as confused as any of you, because I was told that my father is dead, then I heard he was alive in the esper world, but never have I hear this before!!! But to answer your question, Crysta, yes, he is my father. Now that I am sure he is alive, I surely need to see him. But how are we gonna find Garn??"
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Mar 25th 10:58 PM
"I think i know that."

*Crysta walked over to Excalibur and asked to borrow his tracking machine. With little hesitation, he handed it over, and Crysta typed some stuff in.*

"Alright! He's in the area, but he's moving fast. He's heading for.... THE SEALED GATE!!!!! Hurry! Lets move!"

*Everyone, including Mikosi, got a mode of transportation, and they headed for the sealed gate, again.*
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Mar 25th 11:09 PM
*Excalibur, Illumina and Ragnarok had run from the tavern and rushed to their airmotors, zooming above the town to catch up with the rest. Hotaru had finally recovered from his drowsy spell and was wisping along with his magic wings, Crysta was once again upon Mikosi (who had now fully gained her flying ability) was easily keeping up, and Skyler was doing the same. The group looked truly heroic.*

"You must stay aware, though," Mikosi shouted to the others, "that Garn has extremely powered up. The time I last saw him, he had almost casted Meteor on me, who knows how powerful he could be now..."

"We can overpower just a caller, right?" asked Skyler.

"With all our strength combined, I assume it would be easy," Ragnarok shrugged.

*But they were unaware of what awaited them...*
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Mar 27th 2:33 AM
*During the brief visit of Windor, Skyler's tattered clothing had been replaced with something that looked like it came from Amano's sketchbooks... he donned light shoulder armor, dark blue with designs of gold... he wore a sleeveless shirt... at the end of his bare arms were gloves of hard leather... he donned a headband around his short, unkept blue hair... he wore pants with thick legs, and the ends tucked into new brown boots. He had regained the look of an adventurer. He had a determined look on his face, but with a hint of confusion... he still was not sure of all that was going on. Who was Garn? What were his intentions? Why did Mikosi think Skyler was so important? Skyler knew that all the questions would be answered by his comrades, but he was afraid to ask...*

*After a brisk ten minutes or so of flying past open grassy fields, wide rivers, and neighboring kingdoms, the group arrived near the sealed gate.*

"Needless to say, I've been expecting you," an unfamiliar voice said. "It feels like it's been years and years since I last saw you all... but oh! it only must have been a couple hours!"

"Garn?" Skyler asked.

"Skyler! It's great to have you back. I assume you don't know me... I'm Garn, or as I like to go by my family name, Beriah... it means Creation. Isn't it nice?" Garn hissed. "And wouldn't you like to see what kind of creation I am?"

*Everyone besides Skyler stood confused. This definitely did not sound like Garn, just a young teen... or could it have been?*

"Come out from hiding, Garn!" Hotaru called. "Show yourself, and just prove how powerful you say you are!"

"Hmph, Called Monster... trying to challenge me, are we? Well, you asked for it, here I come!"

*From inside the cave came a flash of light, and the group ran toward it. Before them hovered a monster, definitely not human, engulfing the surrounding area with bright light.*

"See what power's done to me?" Garn said, in a greedy tone. "This is great! I could just kill you all, right now!"

*The group assumed battle position.*

"But that's not fun, you know? I mean, I'd just like to toy with you guys a bit more..."

"Garn!" Crysta called. "Why are you doing this? Why are you hungering for powe--"

"I don't really have time to listen to you," Garn said in a haughty tone, "and please, call me Beriah. It's much more fitting, don't you think?"

*Beriah extended an arm and Mikosi lifted up in the air. Following the movements of Garn's hand, Mikosi flew around the cave, until Garn drove her into a wall. He stopped controlling her, and Illumina and Excalibur went to help her up.*

"Zrycor's daughter, hey? Interesting... I was there to see your mother AND your father being killed... and to think that I was responsible for killing both of them... it's good to have friends like Sibelius... but you, Mikosi, you had to go finish him off... but that's okay, now, I don't need him anymore... So, you guys want to fight me? Go right ahead."

*Beriah crossed his arms.*
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Mar 27th 9:49 AM
*Her eyes widened greatly*

"You killed my father?!? You mean you just killed him."

*Filled with rage, Mikosi cast out her blast of fire and ice combined, like how it happened in the tavern*

*The shock of it drove Beriah into the wall, but he was mostly unharmed*

*Mikosi then pointed the emerald of her septer at Beriah's head* "Silence."

*Then the emerald performed the magic, Silencing Beriah, making him lose his magic*

"Now you can't get away so easily..." Mikosi hissed
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Mar 27th 4:42 PM
"Weakling... you can't face me yourself, without weakening your opponent? It's like you want a handicap... I don't want that to happen."

*Beriah pulled a Remedy out of his bac and quickly chugged it. Mikosi got ready for another Silence spell, but Beriah casted Reflect on himself. The spell bounced back, silencing Mikosi.*

"Enough," Skyler said, stepping forward. "It was you who tried to kill me, and succeeded, and in your foolishness brought me back to life..."

*Skyler drew his Atma Weapon. It was a sacred rule never to draw the Atma Weapon against a fellow human being, but Beriah wasn't human anymore. Skyler flew for Beriah, but a forcefield already planted around Beriah painfully repelled him.*

"Not that smart yet, are we?"
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Mar 28th 8:15 PM
((OOC--I *HAD* to get back to RPing, sorry about not posting anything UNIQUE here in quite awhile!))
Ragnarok says to Beriah, "Your power has corrupted you...I have no option but to take care of you myself. But before I do..."

*Ragnarok looks over to Excalibur, who knew what to do in this type of situation. Ragnarok starts chanting, and at that time, Excalibur uses a high-level version of Dispel to diffuse Beriah's Reflection barrier, and telekinesis to shatter the forcefield.*

*Ragnarok finishes his chant, casting Armageddon on Beriah, hurting him severely. By this time, Skyler has recovered from the forcefield, but Beriah, sensing Skyler will try to finish him off, sends him flying into a wall...Which Illumina kept from happening by catching him preemptively.*

*Crysta attempts to attack Beriah with her Staff, but it seems that he has something planned...*

"Let me see this staff for a minute, it looks familiar..."

*Beriah pulls his hand inward, causing Crysta to lose her grip on the staff, which then flies into Beriah's hand. He then inspects the staff, and is right in his prediction.*

"Ah, this used to be Entanebx's Staff..."

*Ragnarok knows this name well, and becomes worried about what will happen next, now that Beriah has that staff...*
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Mar 28th 9:04 PM
*Beriah dropped down to the floor, staff in hand.*

"...Armageddon, huh? Powerful stuff, Ragnarok... powerful enough for your dark equal?"

*The color drained from Ragnarok's face, as the others looked to him for answers.*

"The way Crysta got it, I'll never know, but I can tell ya this..."

*Beriah held the staff over his head, let go of it, and kept it hovering. A purple darkness engulfed the staff as Beriah dropped his hand, the staff hurtled for Ragnarok and knocked him out on impact, and boomeranged back toward Beriah.*

"I'm returning it to its rightful owner. See you around, guys!"

*With a spin, Beriah vanished.*

"Excalibur, quick, try to trace him!" Hotaru said.

*Excalibur whipped out his location device, hastily punched in the data, and the locator went to work. After ten seconds, the device reported:*


"W-what?" Excalibur stuttered. "How can that be? He just doesn't disappear without reappearing somewhere else...!"

*Skyler and Illumina, in the meantime, tried to wake Ragnarok.*
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Mar 29th 8:58 PM
"How do we wake him up?" Skyler asks.

"I'll ask Excalibur," Illumina says, "since he helped get Ragnarok on his feet last time this happened..."

*Illumina goes over to Excalibur, who is pondering over how Beriah could not show up on the Dimensional Lifeform Locator, and asks how to wake Ragnarok up. Excalibur knows what to do first, and casts a Scan spell on Ragnarok. He then knows what to do.*

"Yes, I know what is needed...The only immediate remedy available right now is a special type of Ether I've experimented with...And all of my equipment for creating it is back at the lab."

*Excalibur motions over to Illumina to bring Ragnarok. The other members of the group follow, as well. When all of them are standing close together, Excalibur chants a Warp spell to get back to the lab immediately. When they arrive, Excalibur rushes into the lab; the rest of the group, and Illumina, carrying Ragnarok, follow close behind.*
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Mar 30th 1:14 AM
*Blackness surrounded Beriah. He knew this was the time to call upon Entanebx, but even he was a bit timid.*

"Entanebx," he called, Crysta's staff in hand. "It is I, Beriah... I have come to return your staff, and I have information on your dimensional equivalent..."

*A purplish cloud surrounded Beriah, and stars became visible. Out of the cloud stepped a figure looking identical to Ragnarok, only with darker armor and a scowl on his face.*

"Ragnarok... I've waited for this..."

"R-Ragnarok? Is that you?"

"I am Entanebx, appearances can be decieving... as you know, three Earth years ago, a dimensional shift duplicated every living creature on Earth. When the dimensions realigned, all the duplicates were destroyed... but I survived. I am Ragnarok's dark essence... I hate to call myself dark, but it is true..."

"W-wow. Well, he-ere's your staff..."

*Beriah gently handed the staff to Entanebx.*

"This was in the possesion of an Esper, I see..."

"Yes," Beriah said. "Her name's Crysta, and it was her brother that fell for it... his name's Skyler."

"Skyler... It is time to get acquainted with Crysta, Skyler... and... Ragnarok..."

(OOC - This is one of those alternate story thingies. So no one come out of the blue and say "Wait! I sense something!" and get a visual of what just happened. ALL RIGHT?

On a lighter note, a friend at school made a REALLY COOL picture of the new new Skyler.
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Mar 30th 12:42 PM
*Back at the lab, Cal was busy mixing his ether for rag, and Lum was watching over him, but crysta was outside, trying to cast a spell.*


*nothing happened.*


*nothing, nothing at all.*

"OH for the love of all thats good!!! FIRE1!"

*nothing happened. She had lost her powers. they were with the staff.*

"Grrrrr!!! I hate this!"

*Crysta stormed into the lab and sat down on a bench in the side of the room.*

"Why? Why did this have to happen? oh......"

*Crysta was devastaded, and she could feel her powers draining fast. She was getting weaker, all the time. She got up, and walked over to Cal, and watched him mixing his ether.*
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Mar 30th 10:30 PM
*Skyler and Mikosi watched Crysta, and Skyler's face fell.*

"I wonder if I had strong powers before... I..."

"You did, Skyler, Garn told me about you..."

Skyler looked up. "So, you're Zrycor's daughter..."

"Yes, I am half esper and half human."

"Half human? But... how can that be...?"

"A woman strayed into the esper world, and my father fell in love with her... she would not love him, though... one night, Zrycor cut her finger and sent magic flowing throughout her body... and the result was me."

"...Both our parents are gone..."

*Skyler revealed the magicite shard of his father.*

"My father, and mother, magicites... and your mother, dead, your father, taken by Garn... This is all Garn's doing..."

"But what of the person he mentioned? Entanebx?"

"I've... never heard of him... have you?" Skyler asked.

"Never... Skyler, I have something to tell you..."


"Upon entering this town, I had a vision of a man in trenchcoat, black wings and blue hair... that was you..."

"Me... before I..."

"Yes, Skyler... and I saw you... d-d..."

*Mikosi couldn't hold it anymore, and she burst into tears. Skyler tried to comfort her.*
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Mar 31st 11:10 PM
"How long is it going to be, Excalibur? We need to wake up Ragnarok soon!" Illumina complains.

Excalibur replies, "Just give me a few more minutes...The main ingredient for this life-giving Ether is Osmium Iridiodisulfide ((OOC--That's pronounced "ear-id-eye-oh-die-sul-fide" if I split the syllables correctly...And its atomic symbol is OsIrIS ^_^)), and it takes awhile to prepare...Plus, I have a feeling that I should prepare an extra one of these Ethers just in case..."

"Well, HURRY UP!" Illumina yells.

*A few minutes later...Sitting on the lab counter, there are two of the Ethers Excalibur had been working with. He packages one for later use, and walks with the other one over to Ragnarok.*

"Ah, it's ready. Hold his mouth open while I pour the Ether in."

*Illumina goes over to Ragnarok and holds his mouth open while Excalibur pours the Ether down Ragnarok's throat.*

* A few more minutes pass...Ragnarok is awake! Although he's a bit groggy from the earlier incident...*

"Ragnarok! Are you OK?" Illumina asks.

Ragnarok replies, "Yeah...What happened since I've been out cold?"

Illumina tells him what happened. "Not much, Beriah left with Crysta's staff, and Crysta
can no longer use magic...It was all that staff of hers."

Crysta hears mention of her staff, and asks Excalibur about it. He then proceeds to explain about the staff in detail.

"That staff does contain Ragnarok's essence, and, when it was given to Crysta, she gained Ragnarok's own magic spells...That's the only way to explain how she would know a unique spell like Armageddon. Ragnarok is the only Esper that knows that spell, but since Crysta's staff had Ragnarok's essence, a magic spell like that would be shared with its owner...Crysta. Of course, the magic is localized entirely to that staff, so without it, she is, magically speaking, powerless."
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Apr 1st 0:28 AM
"So, powerless, ey? That's too bad... I wish there was some way I could help..."

*Skyler scratched his head, and looked to Ragnarok.*

"But... this Beriah fellow, and that... um, Entanebx..."

"Entanebx! He's... back?"

"Well, it turns out that Garn must have made a deal with Entanebx, and then Garn must have hired Sibelius to annihilate us... when Sibelius failed--"

Mikosi interrupted. "That sneaky little brat! He even helped kill Sibelius himself once he failed to kill Crysta! But he did succeed in killing my mother, and... Skyler..."

"Yes, Garn bumped Sibelius off, but now with his newfound powers, he set off with your father, Mikosi, and what used to be your staff, Crysta... now with Entanebx in control, things are going to get dirty... but it won't happen for a while, I presume..."

"For now," Crysta said, "My quest for forgiveness is over."

--The End--