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The Quest for Forgiveness
Part 6

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Feb 4th 8:29 PM
*The young Caller Garn stepped outside of his house. It was a beautiful morning, too bad that their village almost never saw sunlight, because of the mist. But still, he could sense it was nice. A fresh wind caught his face, and he stared up into the grayness above him. Suddenly, he noticed the outline of a winged figure hurtle toward him. Garn stepped out of the way just in time to see Skyler tumble in front of him. Horrified, Garn ran into his house and notified his parents. His parents ran out to see Skyler passed out, but not injured. They suddenly realized what he was.*

"Garn, do you know what this is?! It's a Called Monster!"

"Wow! Really!?"

*Skyler's eyes awoke to see a boy with flaming red hair in a decorative black tunic.*

"W-who are you? Am I in the village of Mist?"

"Yes you are, Called Monster... how would you like to join me?"

*Garn's parents proudly smiled from behind.*

"What? Join you? Oh yes, you're a Caller. I'm sorry, I can't do that."

*Skyler turned his back and was about to leave to find the rest of the group, when Garn shouted,*

"STOP! I can't let you leave without a battle. If you win, I will let you go on your way. If I win... you join me."

*Skyler smirked at the spunky kid.*

"All right, Caller, you have a deal."

*Suddenly, from behind, three jet-propelled vehicles and a dragon appeared from behind...*
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Mar 13th 2:37 AM
*Crysta was sitting at a table in her house. So many memories passed her... vague memories of her parents became vivid again. They were powerful creatures, but the cared for each other, their children, and the well-being of all espers... but when an unknown sense of evil swept upon them, they passed away into one magicite, and for the safety of young Crysta and the newborn Skyler, they were forced into human form and brought to the human world. But they were back. Crysta slowly turned her head, not very surprised to see Skyler, back to his original form, with tattered clothes, merely rags, from when he was last in his human form. His Atma Weapon was there beside his chest. He had darker skin and long dark blue hair, his two massive dragon wings were there, and he had long claws on his hands and feet.*

"Crysta... we're back home... where are... parents?"

*Without uttering a word, Crysta slowly withdrew the two magicite shards of their mother and father.*

"Dead? Parents are... dead?"

"They're magicites, Skyler... mere mementos of our parents..."

"Skyler? Who is... Skyler?"

"That is your human name... what everyone knows you as."

"Sky... Powerful magic from the sky... powers of Fuujin and Raijin... I like the name, Skyler... Who did this to parents?"

(OOC - I am NOT taking Fuujin and Raijin from FF8. What their names mean in Japanese, though, are wind and lightning, Skyler's magic speciality. So there.)

"I don't know... but we'll find out."

"Yes... Who are the people outside...?"

"They are your friends, Skyler. You have forgotten everything since you were just little..."

"Friends? From where? I thought I have lived here my whole... life..."

"Windor, the place you live now."

"In human world? I don't want to live in the human world..."

*Crysta felt saddened. All the memories Skyler knew were gone. His years of traveling and treasure hunting, skills he had acquired, and most of all, all the people he had met and friends he had made were forever forgotten.*
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Mar 15th 5:48 PM
((OOC--I'm still assuming my two characters are still around the Esper's realm...As for the "packages" explained here...You'll see that part of the post in more detail in the Tavern. And for the last part...Where'd Phoenix fly off to?))

*A group composed of five members heads for the Tavern. One of them, who looks human, with a lab coat and a sky blue cape with two gold strips bordering the sides of it, goes inside, and leaves two small packages near the door. He then heads back out, and the group heads for the Esper's realm. After the group reaches the realm, he walks over to the girl, and shows her his cape.*

"It's done! It took awhile, but I have finally managed to make this cape indestructible to the elements and all physical damage!"

*Excalibur motions over to Ragnarok to test the magical invulnerability of the cape, and then shields himself with the cape. Ragnarok casts a medium-level Fire spell at the cape, and as expected, it bounces right off the cape...Nearly singing Ragnarok's hair. For the physical test of the cape's invulnerability, Ragnarok swings his sword at the cape with great force, and it stops abruptly after coming in contact with the cape. After that has taken place, Excalibur pulls out the device he used to remove Illumina's cape, removes the cape from his lab coat, and reattaches it to Illumina's clothing.*

"...We'd best get back to the Tavern and see if the others are doing alright." Illumina says.

*The group heads back to the Tavern.*
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Mar 15th 8:00 PM
*Back in the esper world, Crysta and Ambrosia were in her house.*

"*sigh* i wish you remembered things......."

"like what?"

"like your friends, and Windor, and the last howevermany years it's been since you left the esper world........"

"Crysta..... I do remember one thing. I remember a girl, with red hair, and fangs.... Kita? Kota?"

"Kitra? Is that who you are thinking of?"

"Yes! Crysta! I Have To See Her!!!!"

"Why? Is something wrong?"

"I dont know...... I just feel like i need to see her..."

"Okay. Follow me. We'll go see her."

*Crysta walked out of the cave, and ambrosia followed.*
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Mar 15th 8:11 PM
Skyler OOC
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Mar 15th 8:12 PM
Okay, now that my temper's decreased, do you mind redoing that post?
Hotaru OOC
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Mar 15th 9:24 PM
Wowza, one minute. That's the fastest I've ever seen a temper cool =)
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Mar 18th 10:05 AM
OOC-Fine. I just wanted to put that in.....SORRY!!!!!!!!!

IC-"Ambrosia...... what do you remember? Do you remember anything at all?"

"Of course. I remember lots of stuff! Why, my house is right over the..."

*Ambrosia turned to point but there was nothing there. There was a large stone cliff, and a gorge beneath it.*

"Ambrosia.....when i brought the magicite that held out parents to the esper world......they wreaked havoc on the town. Things were butned and bombed.....And many homes were destroyed....Yours was one of them..... I'm so sorry."

"I... I... I cant believe this... my home... destroyed... by our parents.... no... this cant be happening..."
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Mar 18th 11:37 AM
(OOC - Crysta and Skyler living in two different houses at a toddler's age? Interesting, but I won't spoil it by making you write it over. I'll do what roleplayers are supposed to do (for once) and go with it.)

"Where are our parents?"

*Crysta showed him the two shards of magicite.*

"Here... you take one. We can guard our parents for the rest of our lives."

"Yes, I will, Crysta..."

*Skyler took his large clawed hand and reached for the magicite of Abadus.*

"So, what do we do now?"

*Crysta suddenly remembered Garn, and recieved a picture of Garn battling a girl. She sensed a familiarity in the girl, as if she had already met her...*

"Garn," she said out loud.


"There was someone who fought by our side until now... he was overcome by greed and took the head elder as magicite..."



"We must find Garn!"

"You're right, Skyler..."

*Skyler moved his legs, ready to go and find Garn as soon as possible.*

"But it's not that easy," Crysta said. "He's in the human world."

Skyler winced. "The human world? We have to go to the human world?"

"That's the only way we'll find Garn..."

*Skyler sat down in a chair and thought. After a while, he slowly got back up, walked to Crysta, and said,*

"Let's go."
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Mar 21st 5:29 PM
She gently plucks up the magacite from the soft grass. Mikosi gazes at it, almost as if it was a severed head or something.

"My in my hands. That old timekeeper lied about everything. About daddy being killed in battle, about me being only 14. About everything. But now..."

She grasps the magicite harder, and it starts to glow

"...I can see my father!"

The magacite casts an esper, that isn't her father, but an Earth esper. His aurora of magic causes her to pass out, and the earth esper just stares at her for a while, trying to figure out what to do. He opens his mouth and shouts loudly to the horizon

"Someone come and help! She's dead or something! I don't know what to do! Help!"
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