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The Quest for Forgiveness
Part 3

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Feb 4th 8:29 PM
*The young Caller Garn stepped outside of his house. It was a beautiful morning, too bad that their village almost never saw sunlight, because of the mist. But still, he could sense it was nice. A fresh wind caught his face, and he stared up into the grayness above him. Suddenly, he noticed the outline of a winged figure hurtle toward him. Garn stepped out of the way just in time to see Skyler tumble in front of him. Horrified, Garn ran into his house and notified his parents. His parents ran out to see Skyler passed out, but not injured. They suddenly realized what he was.*

"Garn, do you know what this is?! It's a Called Monster!"

"Wow! Really!?"

*Skyler's eyes awoke to see a boy with flaming red hair in a decorative black tunic.*

"W-who are you? Am I in the village of Mist?"

"Yes you are, Called Monster... how would you like to join me?"

*Garn's parents proudly smiled from behind.*

"What? Join you? Oh yes, you're a Caller. I'm sorry, I can't do that."

*Skyler turned his back and was about to leave to find the rest of the group, when Garn shouted,*

"STOP! I can't let you leave without a battle. If you win, I will let you go on your way. If I win... you join me."

*Skyler smirked at the spunky kid.*

"All right, Caller, you have a deal."

*Suddenly, from behind, three jet-propelled vehicles and a dragon appeared from behind...*
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Feb 8th 2:48 PM
*Garn was surely having the time of his life. He was surrounded by Called Monsters. He was even flying on one. Feeling the static electricity flow through his body, he gestured a greeting to Hotaru.*

"Hello!" he called out, through the rain and wind. "Have you ever been to the land of Called Monsters?"

*Then, forgetting where ALL Called Monsters came from, he decided not to wait for a response to the last question. He was very confused as well.*

"I can't wait to get to the land of Called Monsters..." he thought out loud.

*In his childish mischeivousness, a greedy, sneaky thought ran through his mind. He could become very powerful with the help of espers... concentrate intense energy. Deep down inside, he didn't even think he needed the people who were guarding his very life.*

*Suddenly, down below, a faint robotic figure was spotted.*

User ID: 8248813
Feb 9th 7:45 PM
"Alright! Everyone, Downward! "

*Everyone shot downward, and they came face to face with Zoneseek.*

"Zoneseek! It's Me! Crysta! Listen, we need your help! You Know Skyler, well it turned out he was my brother, and he and Emana and Abadus (our mom and dad) were turned to magicite! We need your help to restoe them back to human/esper form! Will you help us?"

"yes Crysta. I will, under one circumstance..."

"what is it?"

"Tell me how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop!"
User ID: 8311743
Feb 9th 9:07 PM
Hotaru waved a greeting to the boy atop Quetzecotl and grinned. "The World of Summons? Yes indeed!" After a bit, Hotaru was getting tired... after all, even thoug he looked 16 and had the experiance of 20 years... he was still only two years old.

His wings shimmered and began fading in and out as he lost his strength. "Crysta.. gotta land.." He pointed downward.. the caller seemed to know somebody below anyway. Hotaru dropped into a dive, pulling his Watermage robes closer around his body as the wind whipped past him. His pupiless blue eyes reflected the ground, which was coming at a fast speed... he hoped he could land before he lost his magic wings entirely.
User ID: 7976933
Feb 10th 4:44 PM
<A Called Monster with a sense of humor... a BAD sense of humor, at that... well, at least it knows Crysta.>


*Suddenly, Garn jolted his head updwards and saw Hotaru hurtling toward him. Garn backed up, and Hotaru's magic-powered wings faded just as he made a semi-soft landing.*

"Do you espers with wings ENJOY diving on to me? That's the second time it's happened before."

*Being always fully stocked like any Boy Scout would be, Garn handed him an ether.*

"I've studied you Called Monsters my whole life... it's so cool that I'm hanging around them now. Here, take this ether... you could die without MP, you know..."

*The excitement of being around espers made him forget the fact that he didn't have to teach them about themselves.*

"Well," Garn said, re-boarding Quetzalcoatl (THAT'S how you say it) and feeling the tingling static electricity feeling engulf him again, "it's off to find the next Monster... really, Ragnarok, I don't see how all these are going to help us..."

*But Garn knew how they were going to be able to help him.*

<It's only a matter of time before we have all these Called Monsters gaining my trust...>

(BTW, don't think I haven't forgotten about Excalibur and Illumina, who aren't espers, but aren't really human, either. And boy, do I miss message titles... of course, we always used to called them "Oof!" or "Hmph.")
User ID: 8311743
Feb 11th 9:12 PM
"Enjoy.. diving at humans?" Hotaru shook his head vigorously and drank the ether. "No, not exactly.. I only enjoy diving at mutts." Hotaru shrugged with a grin, then stood as he brushed off his robes.

"So... uh.. where exactly.. do we go in the Summon Plane? I only know the areas around water.. anything inland.. and I'm lost!"
User ID: 8248813
Feb 12th 4:46 PM
"well, We need to find the next esper first.... Which one is it Rag?"

*Crysta walked over to Garn and asked to see Skyler/Ambrosia's Magicite shard. He handed it over, cautiously, and Crysta held it against her orb necklace. It glowed a strange blue and she handed it back to Garn.*

"Okay. he's still safe... but he wants to get out. I know!"

*Crysta decided that she was going to try and summon him, and she began to chant.*
User ID: 9029153
Feb 12th 5:08 PM

*Nothing happened. Crysta started to chant again.*


*Still, not even a glow.*

"Skyler... he really is dead..."

*Garn snatched the magicite shard from Crysta, and he tried to summon Skyler, using a different chant, a special chant that Callers used only in time of dire need, when Called Monsters were dying... A blue glow surrounded Garn as energy was drawn from him and into the magicite. The magicite seemed to glow with the power it absorbed, and it disappeared. In front of them appeared the esper form of Skyler, looking very weak.*

"Skyler!" Crysta shouted.

"I had to have him absorb MP from me to stay alive... he won't last long..." Garn murmured.

In a deep, booming voice, he said, "I am Ambrosia. Why have you brought me back to life and summoned me? I must rest... you must not disturb me as I return to my eternal sleep..."

"Skyler! Wait!" Crysta shouted. "Don't you remember me? I am your sister!"

"Crysta..." Skyler said, weakly. "You are still alive, from all those years ago when we were taken from our parents..."

Garn, speaking in an expert sort of tone, said, "He must have forgotten everything since he was first forced into human form."

"That was when he was just a child..."

"I must leave you all now! Avenge our parents, Crysta!"

*Skyler vanished, and the magicite reappeared in Garn's hand.*

"If only he knew," Crysta moped.

"There's nothing we can do, Crysta... he's gone," Garn told her.

"There must be something we can do..." Ragnarok said. "But first, we have to make it up to the esper world. We must keep gathering the nearby espers to help us."
User ID: 0122954
Feb 12th 6:19 PM
"Right," Excalibur replies. "The next Esper is nearby...And it's Golem. He's 231 kilometers away from our current position."

"Let's go, then!" Crysta shouts.

*They head over to the location of Golem via their methods of transportation. After landing, Ragnarok goes over to ask Golem for help.*

"Hey there Golem...Can you help us?" Ragnarok asks.

"OK Rag," Golem replies, in his non-action verb way of speaking. What help you need?"

"Well, it's quite a predicament. One of our kindred, also a sister to Crysta, is Skyler...Er, Ambrosia, and he's dying from MP atrophy..."

Golem, being slow (in speed AND mind), cannot process all of the words and the way Ragnarok arranges his information. He yells at him, "Um...Shut up! Logic hurt my brain! No explain detail!"

Ragnarok, now remembering that Golem hates complex wording and the like, gives a hesitant "OK..."

*Ragnarok asks Garn for the Magicite, and Garn gives it to him.*

"See this? It's Magicite, it has one of our kind, and he's dying. We can only help him if we ask the Elders to forgive this girl over here." *Ragnarok points to Crysta* "Can you help?"

"Sure thing Rokky," Golem replies.

Seeing a place to be sarcastic, Ragnarok retorts, "No, YOU'RE Rocky."

"That insult! I not weakling like you!" *Golem picks up Ragnarok and throws him at the group. Illumina gets in front of the others and catches him.*

*Golem takes note of Illumina's strength, and has an idea. He goes over to Ragnarok, and says:*

"I help, but I get challenge girl. If she win, I come."

Ragnarok replies, "Seems fair enough...Is that OK with you, Lum?"

"You bet it is!" Illumina replies. She then turns to Golem and says, "OK then, let's fight!"
User ID: 9029153
Feb 12th 7:41 PM
*Both Golem and Illumina went into attack position. To start off, Golem breathed a scorching line of fire, and Illumina jumped and rolled out of the way, but her cape caught on fire.*

"Ouch! Ooh, you'll pay for that!"

*Running towards Golem, making violent shakes in the earth with each clomp of her feet, she jumped for him, but Golem caught her in midair. He spinned her around over his head, but with her amazing strength, Illumina seized Golem's arms, and flipped him over. Now on her feet again, she spun Golem over HER head, and threw him against a nearby tree. The tree was knocked over by the force.*

"Ow, you hurt Golem's head! You gonna pay!"

*He came running back towards Illumina with the tree. He held the tree high over his head, and brought it down towards Illumina. Illumina didn't move a muscle. She was just engulfed in the leaves of the tree that Golem was too stupid to remember about. She climbed through the branches of the tree, grabbed the trunk, planted her feet on the ground, and slammed the tree (along with the dazed Golem) into the ground. Golem got back up, picked Illumina up with one hand, and slammed her into the ground, head first. She got back up, dazed, with a few minor scratches, but worst of all, her hairstyle was ruined.*

"YOU... RUINED... MY... HAIR!"

*Illumina zoomed over and picked Golem up by the ankles, and threw him high into the air. Ten seconds later, he landed with a mighty THUD that made everyone jump.*

"Ouchy! Okay girl, you win. I come with you."

Swiping her hands across one another, she said with a sly grin, "that was simple." She then got to straightening out her hair...
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Feb 12th 11:37 PM
"Here! Take this!"

*Crysta tossed Illumina a bottle of hairspray, and then walked over to Golem.*

"good to have you with us! Rag, who'se next?"

*Crysta got on Kiop, and the others followed.*

"well, no matter what we do, we should probaly do it quickly. We need to save Sky, before his magic is gone. It seems to be depleting. It's wierd."

*Crysta, Garn and Illumina -hair fixed- got on Quezacotal and he rose up, into the sky.*

"Okay! Who is next?"
User ID: 8248813
Feb 12th 11:39 PM
okay. nevermind the *Crytsa got on Kiop crap. I forgot he's gone. Ignore it!
User ID: 0122954
Feb 13th 0:59 AM
(OOC--Crysta: Is your character on Kiop or Quetzalcoatl, it's not perfectly clear...And as for the magic depleting, read a few RPs back...Skyler power is being depleted rapidly and needs MP to live, that should explain it well enough.)


Excalibur brings up the location of the next Esper, and says, "Carbuncle's next, about 20 kilometers from here. Seems there's another creature with him nearby, too."

Crysta shouts, "OK, let's--"

"Not yet..." Excalibur interrupts. "Golem does not have the ability to fly, and neither Kiop nor Quetzalcoatl could support his weight. However, since I have the location of the next Esper, I CAN warp all of us to its location."

"NOW...Let's go!" Crysta shouts!

*Excalibur chants the Warp spell, and the group is transported to another area of land. Nearby are two creatures, both with rabbit-like ears and what appears to be a four-sided and rounded-edged gemstone on their foreheads. One is a sea green color with a ruby-colored gemstone, the other is a whitish color with a clear gemstone.*

Hotaru takes note of their looks, replying "Aw, they look so cuuuute!"

*Trying to save the rest of the group a trip over to where Carbuncle and his friend are, Golem goes over to them and bearhugs them, forgetting he's practically choking them in the process. He then brings them over to the group, drops them off, and they take a moment to catch their breath.*

Carbuncle, trying to speak and catch his breath at the same time, says to Ragnarok "*gasp* Tell Golem *gasp* not to *gasp* use *gasp* such a *gasp* strong grip *gasp* next time..."

*The group gives Carbuncle and his friend a moment to catch their breath. After that, Ragnarok asks who his friend is.*

"Him? Oh, he's a friend of mine, Diamond. Both of us have been in a two-person band, Diamond and Carbuncle."

"Oh? How has the band been going?" Illumina asks.

Diamond replies, "We haven't found a place to actually PLAY the songs, but we're working on it."

"Well, actually, I was wondering if you could do a favor for us..." Ragnarok asks.

"Sure thing, what do you need?" Diamond and Carbuncle reply.

*Ragnarok explains the need to have the Elders to forgive Crysta to the two of them, and that one of their own kind is dying.*

Diamond says, "Well, I suppose we could help...Is that OK with you, Car?"

"Hey, why not, they need our help..." Carbuncle replies to Diamond.

"OK then, come with us!" Crysta yells to them.
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Feb 13th 2:04 AM
<Man, this is turning into a traveling circus...>

"Can't we just get to the esper world already?"

*Garn had lost the feeling of excitement while riding on Quezacotl, and started to feel a little woozy from the electric flow. The storm had stopped, or at least where they were, and overall, he was sick and tired of collecting espers.*

"We just need to find one more esper," Ragnarok replied, "it's Phoenix, the bird of life. Phoenix has confined herself in a cave atop a mountain, and we're going to have to try hard to get her out. We can do it, though, only with our current crew, there's no way we can fly up that mountain."

*Garn slapped his forehead and brushed his hair back.*

"Well, no time to lose... I guess..."

*With that, the group, now traveling on foot, warped to the piedmont.*
User ID: 9029153
Feb 13th 2:09 AM
<Man, this is turning into a traveling circus...>

"Can't we just get to the esper world already?"

*Garn had lost the feeling of excitement while riding on Quezacotl, and started to feel a little woozy from the electric flow. The storm had stopped, or at least where they were, and overall, he was sick and tired of collecting espers.*

"We just need to find one more esper," Ragnarok replied, "it's Phoenix, the bird of life. Phoenix has confined herself in a cave atop a mountain, and we're going to have to try hard to get her out. We can do it, though, only with our current crew, there's no way we can fly up that mountain."

*Garn slapped his forehead and brushed his hair back.*

"Well, no time to lose... I guess..."

*With that, the group, now traveling on foot, warped to the piedmont.*
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Feb 13th 9:32 PM
Hotaru had already given the carbunkle a thorough look over and had reached his decision qute quickly.. they were the most adorable things he'd ever seen! It was all he could do to leave Diamond in peace.

'Hm.. this is serious.. depleting MP.. Oh! Why didn't I think of this before..' Hotaru crackled his knuckles with a grin and walked over, placing a finger on Skyler's shard of magicite before anybody could stop him. A sparkle of blue light left his fingertip and touched the shard. Then it was like sticking a finger into a socket. Hotaru yelped and a blue bolt jolted through him causing his hair to stick up on end.

"Oh wow! What a jolt!" Hotaru shook his head and chuckled, then wavered. "Ugh.."

"What did you just do?" Crysta looked at him, a little alarmed.

"A reverse leech type.. thingie.. the scientific term escapes me at the moment.. uh... lending my MP. I'm a summon from Materia, not magicite.. so if I run out the results will be muuuuch less disasterous. I'll just pass out and stay that way for a few days." He grinned widely. "After all.. one doesn't get a chance to help a friend with such a big task."

Hotaru stumbled back to his place and plopped onto the ground. "Plus.. When I get close to my limits.. I'll just um.. borrow.. some MP from my creator.. she won't notice a thing!" Smiling reassuringly, Hotaru kept the last thoughts to himself. 'If I'm lucky..'
User ID: 9029153
Feb 13th 11:13 PM
"Wow... different types of crystals containing Called Monsters... I had no idea... So, what you've just done is put some life back into Skyler?"

"Yes," Hotaru replied, "but it's only temporary... I think the only ones that could help us restore Skyler back to life for good are the Elders..."

"Of the Land of Called Monsters?"

"Yes," Ragnarok said. "But we need Phoenix's help... she will play a big part in bringing us to the esper world."
User ID: 8248813
Feb 14th 6:33 PM
"Yes. We should go, and hurry. I think this will help as well."

*Crysta took out a red materia, and it formed into a phoenix!*

"This is the Male phoenix. He does not have the capabilities of the female, but they are in love, so she may help us if she sees him."!"

"Rag: Good. I agree, but we should hurry. I want to get to the Phoenix fast."

"Crysta: Alright! Onward, to the phoenix
User ID: 8952923
Feb 16th 2:34 PM
(OOC - Crysta and Rag (Rag, we went over this), I was a bit wrong... Phoenix IS male, and according to the, uh, "legend", there is only one Phoenix. So... let's just assume that Crysta doesn't have the materia, and Phoenix is male. BTW, Crysta... "in love"?!)

*The group of ten ascended the mountain, Garn marching triumphantly in the lead, Ragnarok, Ilumina and Excalibur and Crysta behind him, Hotaru and the other espers tagging behind.*

"Mount Tamalpais..." Ragnarok said to himself. "A beautiful, green mountain... trees towering overhead... too bad the trees and shade give monsters a good place to roam..."

*The group made a slow ascent, looping around the mountain on steep trails, clearing any shrubbery in their way, annihilating any monster that was unfortunate enough to attempt an attack. Soon, they found themselves high above the ground, near the peak of the mountain. A pile of rocks shaped like a wall indicated a structure not created by Mother Nature.*

"Phoenix's Cave... closed off with boulders, it's a wonder he even survives..."
User ID: 8311743
Feb 16th 9:52 PM
Hotaru wavered on his feet. Having one's MP sucked away is a rather... odd feeling. Having it rapidly sucked away was decidedly more unnerving.

"Umm.. hate to break this charming.. urg.. moment. But.. can we get a move on?!" He snapped his mouth shut. "Sorry.. it's just.. well.. I'
m only 2 frikkin years old! You can't expect me to have that long a tolerence span!"
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