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The Quest for Forgiveness
Part 7

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Feb 4th 8:29 PM
*The young Caller Garn stepped outside of his house. It was a beautiful morning, too bad that their village almost never saw sunlight, because of the mist. But still, he could sense it was nice. A fresh wind caught his face, and he stared up into the grayness above him. Suddenly, he noticed the outline of a winged figure hurtle toward him. Garn stepped out of the way just in time to see Skyler tumble in front of him. Horrified, Garn ran into his house and notified his parents. His parents ran out to see Skyler passed out, but not injured. They suddenly realized what he was.*

"Garn, do you know what this is?! It's a Called Monster!"

"Wow! Really!?"

*Skyler's eyes awoke to see a boy with flaming red hair in a decorative black tunic.*

"W-who are you? Am I in the village of Mist?"

"Yes you are, Called Monster... how would you like to join me?"

*Garn's parents proudly smiled from behind.*

"What? Join you? Oh yes, you're a Caller. I'm sorry, I can't do that."

*Skyler turned his back and was about to leave to find the rest of the group, when Garn shouted,*

"STOP! I can't let you leave without a battle. If you win, I will let you go on your way. If I win... you join me."

*Skyler smirked at the spunky kid.*

"All right, Caller, you have a deal."

*Suddenly, from behind, three jet-propelled vehicles and a dragon appeared from behind...*
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Feb 16th 9:52 PM
Hotaru wavered on his feet. Having one's MP sucked away is a rather... odd feeling. Having it rapidly sucked away was decidedly more unnerving.

"Umm.. hate to break this charming.. urg.. moment. But.. can we get a move on?!" He snapped his mouth shut. "Sorry.. it's just.. well.. I'
m only 2 frikkin years old! You can't expect me to have that long a tolerence span!"
User ID: 9523443
Feb 17th 12:14 PM
*Garn smiled. He KNEW he was going to be of use for once. Reaching out of his pouch, he took an explosive out.*

"Ah... you gotta love these..."

*After striking a match on the ground and lighting the explosive with it, he stuck it in a crack in the boulders. Everybody stood a well distance back, as there was a loud "CRACK." A few pebbles rolled in thier direction.*

"Oh great... I really helped this time..."

*Without a word, Illumina, Golem and a few of the other espers started to lift the heavy boulders from the pile, as Garn moped. Not much later, the entranceway was unsealed. Before the group was a large, dark, dank tunnel, with what looked to be many curves and forks. With Garn still moping, they entered the cave.*
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Feb 19th 11:09 PM
*After passing through many different paths of the cave for awhile, the group ends up back at the entrance. They turn to Excalibur for help.*

Ragnarok mentions, "I haven't been here for awhile, and I can't remember which way it was to his location. Do you have anything that can help?"

Always being prepared for such an occasion, Excalibur tells him, "Yes. I've been meaning to test this feature that I've integrated into my glasses. I've wired them into my palmtop so that I can view the computer's data via the lenses."

*Excalibur pulls out his palmtop, types a few things into it, and it shows the topography of the cave. He then reaches near the one lense of his glasses and presses a pinhead-sized button on it. The topographical map of Phoenix's cave is illuminated on the lenses.*

"OK, it's working properly. Follow me."

*The others follow Excalibur through the network of paths through the cave, until he stops before a set of three paths. The two on the sides are open, but the middle is blocked by a forcefield. Excalibur notices something on the middle path, saying:*

"Hmm. This forcefield seems to be switch controlled. The left path has one switch, the right path has the other, and both switches will have to be activated simultaneously if we want to get through this forcefield. We'll have to split up into two groups."
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Feb 19th 11:12 PM
"Whoo. I'm going with you, Excalibur, 'cause I know what you're doing."
User ID: 8248813
Feb 19th 11:25 PM
"Alright. There's Lum, Rag, Cal, Garn, Hotaru, and Me, so we will split up 3&3. Okay. Garn, Cal and Ragnarok will go in one group. Illumina, Hotaru and I will go in the other. Lets go!"

*The two groups split off down the paths. (OOC- Excalibur will lead one group, I will lead the other.) Crysta took the right path and Cal took the left path. Along the way down there was many passages, but Crysta had been here before, so she vaguely remembered it, but she had it under control.*

"Okay, I think we should go this way, no that way, no thi... Yeah. That way."

*There was alot of this along the way, and Cal's Group was having an easier time that Crysta's.
OOC Ragnarok
User ID: 0122954
Feb 19th 11:33 PM
***((OOC--Crysta, you forgot about the OTHER Espers: ZoneSeek, Golem, Carbuncle, and Diamond, so it's REALLY split 5 and 5, not 3 and 3.))***
User ID: 9029153
Feb 19th 11:53 PM
(Wait a second, Crysta had been in Phoenix's cave? How the hell could she have been? Come on... think about where your character is.)
User ID: 0122954
Feb 20th 0:10 AM
*After some time, Excalibur's group has made it to the switch. Seeing as that Crysta's group is having trouble getting to the other switch, since they don't have a map, Ragnarok telepathically contacts Crysta's group ***((OOC--Golem and ZoneSeek are in Cal's group, Diamond and Carbuncle are in Crysta's))***. *

"You might need some help getting through this maze of paths..." Ragnarok mentally says.

"Yeah. Where should we go?" Crysta (telepathically) replies back.

*Excalibur tells Ragnarok where Crysta's group should go, and Ragnarok relays this information to them. They follow what Ragnarok says until they reach the other switch. On Excalibur's count, one member from both groups step on the switches at the same time. A distant sound is heard, like a forcefield disappearing. Now knowing the middle path is open, both groups head back to where they split up, heading through the middle path this time.*
User ID: 9029153
Feb 20th 1:25 AM
"Hmph. Piece of cake."

*Garn only said that because he wasn't doing any work.*

"I mean, doesn't this seem a little easy to you guys? This Phoenix hasn't really put up a fight..."

*Garn hadn't spoken one minute too soon. From the middle passage came a huge monster, with a sort of toxic greenish-brown slime oozing over its massive body. It grunted and ran toward the group.*

"I really shouldn't have said that."

*It extended a hand and swiped for Garn, but he had already drawn his sword. He sliced the sludge-arm of the monster, but it had grown back.*

"Ugh... it's like walking ooze!"

*Not only that, but it had begun to grow. It surrounded the group, like a blanket from above. The espers weren't hesitant. ZoneSeek had already casted Shell on the rest of the group to make them reflect the ooze, and Golem used his Earth Wall to totally protect them. Carbunkle and Diamond shed Ruby Light on the group to make them impenetrable to magic. This gave Ragnarok enough time to cast Merton. Illuminating up the halls of the cave, energy was released, burning the ooze monster to a crisp but not harming the others, who reflected the energy.*

<Wow,> Garn thought. <I've never seen so much magic been used at once... these espers have extraordinary powers...>

*Now that the ooze monster was gone, the group proceded through the straight middle passage, and there he was: Phoenix.*
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Feb 20th 7:05 PM
Fortunately, thei'r group hadn't met with any monsters, but Hotaru had figured long ago they were probably lost. He'd instead occupied himself with something else.

"Let me go!" Carbunkle growled at Hotaru as he gave the furry creature a big hug.

"But you're so cute!"

"I don't care what you think, put me down!"


"Pleeeeeease!" Carbunkle begged. Finally, Hotaru put the small creature down.


"Honestly, you have the attention span and taste of a toddler.." Carbunkle growled as it fixed it's fur.

"But.. I am a toddler.." Hotaru mumbled, feeling woozy again because of the drain on his MP

"Oh.. figures."
Garn OOC
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Feb 20th 10:27 PM

Um... perhaps you had the wrong post at the bottom of the screen, Kit, that's a bit anachronistic.
Hotaru OOC
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Feb 21st 1:38 AM
Anachronistic? No, I'd just say there was definitely something wrong with me there...
^_^;;;;; Shall we just forget about that post then? *rapidly goes through food labels to find out WHAT brought that on!*
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Feb 21st 1:52 AM
Hmm. Oh yeah, as they say, four hugs a day... *whap*
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Feb 23rd 11:27 PM
"It's the phoenix!"

*the group had finally arrived, but how did they know that it would help them? that, they would have to find out! Crysta and Garn walked up to the phoenix, the others followed. Garn had Skyler's magicite in one hand, and was trembling at the sight of the phoenix.*

"Garn: Wow! This is so cool! I cant believe this is th..."

*he was cut off by Crysta putting her hand over his mouth.*

"Crysta: Shut up! We have to be quiet. we dont want to disturb the phoenix, or he might not help us! Geez! Alright Excalibur. How do we get him to come with us?"
User ID: 9029153
Mar 1st 0:56 AM
*It was too late when Crysta had clapped her hand over Garn's mouth, Phoenix had already awaken. He drew his head from inside his closed wings and glared down at the group from his perch in his cave. A glow eminated from him, and every esper in the party - including the Magicites - glowed as well. Phoenix looked very disturbed when Garn did not glow.*

"Human..." he muttered under his breath. "Why have you brought a HUMAN HERE?" he yelled in a crescendo.
User ID: 0122954
Mar 1st 8:16 PM
***(OOC: For those of you paying attention, Excalibur and Illumina are also non-Espers, but remember they have the Esperonium compound within their systems, so by technicality, they will still glow like the Espers...)***

"I came because they needed my help!" Garn yells to Phoenix.

Ragnarok corrects Garn. "Actually, he's here because he wanted to come when we had to find Skyler. But he's..."

"Near death. We fought the dark essence within our parents, and he was reduced to a shard of Magicite," Crysta adds.

Excalibur mentions, "We came because we need you to help us forgive Crysta..." Excalibur glances over to Crysta, and continues to speak. "...Who was banished from the Esper world after letting her parents, who were possessed by a demonic essence, loose on the Esper world."

Phoenix begins to speak. "This girl caused that trouble? I'm not even sure I want to help you! Even though I trust my five brothers ((OOC-Ragnarok, Golem, Carbuncle, Diamond, and ZoneSeek)), I don't trust her. Not someone who wreaked havoc on our world..."
User ID: 8248813
Mar 2nd 12:35 PM
"But It wasn't my fault! I was under control!"

*Crysta kneeled down in front of the phoenix.*

"Please. You must help us..... If not for me, for Ambrosia, Abadus and Emana. You have to at least help them."

Phoenix:" Emana? Abadus? Ambrosia? How do you know these people?"

Crysta:"Ambrosia is my brother. Emana is our mother, Abadus is our father. Please. We need you help......"
User ID: 9154853
Mar 2nd 2:34 PM
*Phoenix was silent for a moment.*

"I have heard of Ambrosia... he had once crossed this mountain, I sensed him..."

*The uncomfortable glance remained on his face, though.*

"But I hate humans... when forced into slavery, I'm just used to revive the dead... I will help you, though, if this is for you, Crysta, and your family. You, human," he snarled at Garn. "Stay out of my way and don't try anything funny."

Garn looked hurt. "Funny? What do you mean? They wanted me to follow them, so I did."

Phoenix remained in his uncomfortable tone. "I have come across humans before... they are why I, the bird of light, have confined myself in this cave... I will never be able to trust them."

*Phoenix spread his wings and flew from his perch, through the tunnel and out of the cave. The others followed. A few Warp spells later, the group was at the piedmont once more.*
User ID: 9029153
Mar 4th 6:55 PM
*The cave to the esper world was only a couple miles away... the group could walk it. Hotaru was feeling very tired by lending his MP to Skyler, but if he stopped, Skyler would be dead again. Garn was definitely not going to lend his MP and Golem would unknowingly crush the magicite, so he decided to hand Skyler to ZoneSeek. Illumina tossed him an ether.*

"Thanks, Illumina..."

*Garn was getting bored. All this walking around was making his feet hurt. He swished his sword around, feining some anger expressions with his face.*

"Garn," Excalibur said, "could you please watch where you're putting that thing? You could lop one's head off."

"Um, sorry..."

"That's okay. Say, who ever made that sword? Must have been a skilled swordsmith to carve such intricate designs..."

"Some families in Mist have them... very rare, but since I'm the only one in the family that's going to fight battles, my dad gave it to me."

"Do you know what the designs mean? There seems to be some type of writing on it..."

"Nah, never found out what that means. But there has been some story about the sides of the sword... never really heard any details."

"Hmm," Excalibur said, looking to be in thought. "Interesting..."

*Soon the group could see an abandoned military base nearby.*

"We've reached it... just beyond is the Sealed Gate."
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