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Part 3

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Apr 9th 11:47 PM
User ID: 9147853
Apr 25th 2:54 PM
(OOC- Finally read through all the posts...mind if I join in here?)
A resounding battle cry came from what seemed to be a blur of red and silver, dashing across the battlefield. Making it's way over to a crystline monster, it blurred around it's from, and the explosions of fire and rinings of swords could be heard. A few seconds later, the monster hit the ground hard, and a new form stood in front of it's body- that form belonged to Deric Longbow!
"Hope Im not too late to join in the fun?"
As he spoke, something happened that he didn't expect; the thing reformed and stood back up!
"Ah, shit, this is gonna be one of those days..."
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Apr 25th 6:46 PM
Renseal had regained his sanity, and renewed his attack agains his enemies. He took out about 3 Mind Mages when there was a rumble from behind him, and another King Behemoth reared it's head. It brought it's hands up, and slashed Renseal accros the back, sending him tumbling.

"Ohh that really hurt" he said as he turned his body around to slash back, dismembering the Behemoth's hand
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Apr 25th 8:37 PM
Mystra cast a spirit barrier upon herself for protection from the Mind Mages and then jumped into the middle of the fray. She drew her sword and assailed the mages, her sword reflecting her intensity.

As Mystra and Renseal cut down the mages, the others regained their minds and joined in. After awhile only a few mages still stood. Mystra threw a fireball over her shoulder to take out one creeping up on them.

"Yeah, Skyler, I think they were a bit easier..." She laughed and then saw Renseal fighting with another behemoth. "Is that the same behemoth or a different one? They all look the same and they all are trying to destroy us!"
User ID: 2129174
Apr 26th 9:19 AM
*fades into existance above the din of battle* Hum well lets see was that rift scheduled. Hum. *thums through a book containing all scheduled rifts of time/space in it* Well it was slightly but a bit off. Wrong method was used. Lets see, under these conditions I am allowed to join in. Anyone need any help down there?
User ID: 1641184
Apr 26th 9:45 AM
*Seeing Skyler and Marrah in trouble, she silently flies behind the Mind Mage, and started slashing at it from behind with the blade*

"Take that!"
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Apr 26th 10:03 AM
(OOC - Sorry, Marrah...)

*Skyler and Marrah had regained their conciousness, and along with a bunch of determined Windorians, finally vanquished the hoard of Mind Mages. The two Behemoths had fallen, and Ragnarok and Excalibur finished their jobs. Skyler was filled with pride that everyone was so determined to protect their town.*

"I can't thank you enou--"

*High above the burning town, two figures in dark robes appeared, as a crack of thunder striked. One quietly spoke to the other, and they disappeared.*

"That was Beriah... and Genghis..."

*Ragnarok and Excalibur ran up to the rest of the victorious group.*

"Entanebx is coming..."
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Apr 26th 10:34 AM
*floats down to the people gathered* So what is going on? Who is Entanebx and what was with the battle here?
User ID: 8353323
Apr 26th 11:47 AM
"I think that's what everyone wants to know..."

*After everyone in town (and the new Windor Fire Department that I just founded) helped distinguish the fires around town, the group of warriors met back at the Tavern.*

"Ragnarok, maybe you'd better tell..."

Ragnarok: "Sure thing... Entanebx was created around three years ago when a dimensional shift occured... everything on earth was duplicated, but sent back to the alternate dimension almost instantaneously after. My duplicate was too strong, though, and survived. After several battles, I thought I had finally defeated him... but he's back, and he's got two people helping him. It may not seem like much, just a trio of villains, but they're immensely powerful, and from what I sense, that attack was just the beginning..."
"I feel kind of bad that I've involved the whole town, I feel like I brought extreme danger to it... now that we've angered Entanebx, it'll be a hard task to try to defeat him... some innocent people are already dead because of him."
"Beriah, just a child that abused power and transformed himself into a monster, gathered those monsters from the Cleft of Dimension, the place where Entanebx is now... we would want to get to him, but there's no way into the Cleft without being brought there by someone already in the Cleft, so he has to get to us..."
"And this Genghis... I wonder where he's from?"
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Apr 26th 2:19 PM
(Hmmm...I seem to have come into this a little bit late...anybody want me to stay?)
Lady Marrah
User ID: 9621663
Apr 26th 3:37 PM
(OOC: Hey, if you're having fun, then stick around. You're not the only one that came in late, y'know. ^_- And Skyler, 's okay. I'm not angry, really. ^^)

Marrah nodded, listening to Ragnarok as she cleaned the blood from her rapier with a well-used rag. "I see. What do you know of Genghis? Anything at all?"

<Hmm... someone already in the Cleft...> she thought to herself. <I wonder... ..but no. It would be close to impossible, to summon her forth a second time...>
User ID: 9175333
Apr 26th 11:01 PM
"Hmmm Inside the Cleft You say....Wouldn't it be possible for Ragnarok to actually bring all of us here because he is 'technically' inside the cleft dimension already?" Renseal said with a smirk "Then again magic isn't really my bit"
User ID: 1641184
Apr 26th 11:13 PM
*She leans against the wall of a building, winded from battle*

"Ren, all I can say is that I haven't the slightest clue of what you are talking about!"

*Really tired and dehydrated, she slowly passes out onto the dirt below*
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Apr 27th 0:22 AM
((WHOOPS!!! Sorry, that last post was supposed to be me, Mikosi, not Mystress -_-))

((God, I hate my intellegence!))
User ID: 9029153
Apr 27th 2:28 AM

*Skyler walked over to Mikosi.*

"Someone get me a glass of water, er somethin'..."

*Someone does, and he pours it lightly on her face, and she awakes.*

"Are you all right? Don't go dying on us..."

*Skyler stood up.*

"No, Ragnarok isn't in the cleft... he's right here. Entanebx, his duplicate, is, though... I know nothing of Genghis, Marrah, besides the fact that he has strong psiconic abilities... I guess he was found by Entanebx."
User ID: 1641184
Apr 27th 9:51 AM
*Wipes the water from her face*

"Heh, sorry... just a little tired."

*Stands up*

"Wait, I just remembered something... if Beriah has my father, does that mean he can be turned against me? Like, your parents were, Skyler?"
User ID: 8527773
Apr 27th 9:57 AM
*awaits until he finds out what is going on* (OOC: If you don't want me to help out just tell me so.) So a plan type of existance with no way in or out is where you need to go to complete this battle or will you await the full brunt of the attacks and then battle.
Skyler OOC
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Apr 27th 12:00 PM
Dragon: HUH?
User ID: 0707654
Apr 27th 12:01 PM
"Yeah, Mikosi, he can be turned against you, and seeing that Zrycor was the head elder of the esper world, that's extreme danger..."
User ID: 9175333
Apr 27th 2:30 PM
"Well I guess we're going to have to wait until some sort of solution presents itsef aren't we?"
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