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Part 2

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User ID: 9029153
Apr 9th 11:47 PM
User ID: 3362054
Apr 24th 10:59 AM
*the tavern door opens and an out-of-breath Mystra walks in*

"The cruise ship to nowhere didn't sound as good as helping out here. You guys still need hand?"

*another explosion is heard and felt by the tavern*

"I'll take that as a 'yes'..."

User ID: 8632293
Apr 24th 12:00 PM
"Enough waiting (even though, in this RP's time, it's only a couple minutes), let's go!"

*The group ran outside to see the sky ablaze. The town was on fire!*

"Crap, where're the monsters headed?"

*A swarm of crystalized "Things" formed in front of the four.*

"Watch out, these things can multiply at their own will, and they're non-elemental..."
User ID: 9175333
Apr 24th 2:10 PM
"Elemental, non-Elemental, watch them fall to my sword"

Renseal drew his blade, and readied himself for combat. His hands tensed around the hilt, as he held it to the side of his body.

As a 'Thing' made a move twoards him, Renseal quickly turned to the side, and let it move through where he was. Now at the side of one of the monsters, Renseal swung his sword in an overhead arc and brought it into the monsters side.
Lady Marrah
User ID: 9621663
Apr 24th 3:57 PM

One of the Things had just enough time to look up as an elvish woman leaped from the roof of a nearby house, slicing the creature in two as she landed. Rising quickly, she ran toward Skyler's group, wiping dark blood from her golden rapier.

"Greetings, friend Skyler, and company," the Lady Marrah said, bowing briefly. "You could use another sword here, I deduct?" She smiled thinly, turning her attention back to the horde of monsters.
User ID: 3362054
Apr 24th 4:08 PM
Following Renseal's advance, she attacked without hesitaion.

Mystra clasped her hands in front of her and a light began to form. The light intensified and she threw it outward destroying the creatures in front of her and then drew her sword.

She slashed at several creatures. They fell pretty easily but the others just split to become two, and moved in to fill the gap. "What are these things?!?", Mystra yelled to Skyler, "And how the heck do we stop them?"
User ID: 0122954
Apr 24th 5:43 PM
Excalibur gets close enough to one of the Things so that he can analyze it. "So that's why they can absorb the Elements...Their crystalline structure is set up in such a way that it can absorb damage by magic, but...This results in their molecular structure being unstable. To stop their replication, they need to be torn apart, molecule by molecule...My psiconics and Ragnarok's 'Judgment Day' will take care of them."

*After saying this, Excalibur and Ragnarok get ready to fight. Excalibur psiconically pulls apart and disperses the molecules of one of the Things (in a "Lawnmower Man" fashion), while Ragnarok casts Judgment Day on another Thing, causing it to fall to the ground in a puddle of molecular matter.*

*They keep this up for as long as it will take to get rid of all of the Things, although this may take awhile...*
User ID: 9175333
Apr 24th 9:25 PM
In a savage mix of man and sword, Renseal attacks, with hit after hit, he isn't doing nearly as much damage as he would expect "By God these things are unstobable..." That didn't stop him from trying.
User ID: 9029153
Apr 24th 9:26 PM
*Skyler begins running down the street again, in the direction of a loud roar.*

"What is THAT? C'mon, you guys, let Ragnarok and Excalibur take care of them!"

*Mystra, Lady Marrah, Mikosi and Renseal followed him through narrow alleys and vast avenues until the source of the roar was found: a towering King Behemoth.*

"Will you look at the size of that thing?"

*The K. Behemoth was destroying houses with the swipe of a claw, and it looked like only haste would save them from the same fate as the houses.*

(OOC - Thanks a lot, everyone, and also, keep in mind that I didn't make these monsters up, they're straight from the last dungeon of FF5.)
User ID: 1641184
Apr 24th 11:22 PM
*After downing her soda, she runs outside, tightly grasping her weapon*

"Uh, how exactly do you kill these guys?"
User ID: 9175333
Apr 25th 2:07 AM
"Lady Marrah, you are a swordswoman correct?" Renseal asked "Perhaps we could hit this King Behemoth with the Famous X Strike, IF your Up to it?" Renseal said this, as he prepared his sword to preform the move along with Marrah.
User ID: 9029153
Apr 25th 2:55 AM
"Make that a Triple Tech, guys..."

*Skyler unsheathes his glowing sword.*

"The Atma Weapon proves effective, if I do say so myself..."

*Just then, the Behemoth caught sight of the people below, and was about to come down on them, when...*

User ID: 1376304
Apr 25th 9:54 AM
Mystra reacted quickly as the others jumped to strike. She leaped out of the way to the top of a nearby building and yelled at the Behemoth. It turned toward her... Mystra clapped her hands with the sound of thunder and flashed a blinding light in the beast's eyes.

The blind and confused Behemoth backed up and remained still for a moment... "Here's you chance! GO!!!"
Lady Marrah
User ID: 2379774
Apr 25th 11:12 AM
Marrah flung a quick Haste spell over the group and ran toward the Behemoth, moving in from the right as Renseal and Skyler took position in the left and center, respectively. In the matter of a few seconds they had set up their attack, charging in from each side...

(OOC: Uhh, I'll leave it to somebody else to finish this. Retcon it if ya don't like it -_^)
Willy Wisps Golems
User ID: 8827223
Apr 25th 11:40 AM
*Even with an absent Ranagan, the Golems and Wisps knew what to stop.... the Behemoths and Chimeras had to go... The Wisps made very effort to blind monsters and the Golems worked on protecting the citizens and evacuating crumbling buildings.*
User ID: 8353323
Apr 25th 11:48 AM
*The blow was planted on the not-fast-enough Behemoth, and it fell, the remaining mark of the Atma Blade resting in its side. The fight was not over, as Mind Mages surrounded the group, and brought flames from the surrounding building down toward them.*

"These guys look a bit easier... but -oh!"

*A blank stare flooded Skyler's eyes, as he blindly swiped with his sword.*

"Looks like these things have a powerful mind-controlling ability," Lady Marrah said.
User ID: 9175333
Apr 25th 2:10 PM
Renseal swung his sword in every direction except the right one, previcing a Mind Mage wherever there was none
Lady Marrah
User ID: 0603144
Apr 25th 2:37 PM
"Fireball!" Marrah shouted, pitching the spell out. Several Mind Mages were caught in the ensuing blast, crashing into a nearby house, which subsequently caught on fire.

Wincing at her mistake, the Lady quickly cast an Ice 2 spell to extinguish the flames, then turned to meet her next opponent.

(OOC: Skyler, I'm not mad or anything, but if you're gonna put words in Marrah's mouth, make sure they sound like something she would say.)
Lady Marrah
User ID: 0603144
Apr 25th 2:41 PM
Marrah turned around, brandishing her sword--just as another Mage approached her, hand extended to cast a spell. The golden rapier dropped from her now-limp hands as she fell to her knees, struggling all the way to rise, but without success. 'No...!' she thought, but could not seem to move her mouth in the grip of the Mind Mage's spell.

User ID: 9147853
Apr 25th 2:54 PM
(OOC- Finally read through all the posts...mind if I join in here?)
A resounding battle cry came from what seemed to be a blur of red and silver, dashing across the battlefield. Making it's way over to a crystline monster, it blurred around it's from, and the explosions of fire and rinings of swords could be heard. A few seconds later, the monster hit the ground hard, and a new form stood in front of it's body- that form belonged to Deric Longbow!
"Hope Im not too late to join in the fun?"
As he spoke, something happened that he didn't expect; the thing reformed and stood back up!
"Ah, shit, this is gonna be one of those days..."
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