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Part 1

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Apr 9th 11:47 PM
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Apr 10th 0:01 AM
*Hurtling through blackness, Skyler heard a familiar voice in his head.*

"Skyler... I am Entanebx, your real friend... how can you trust the people of Windor? How can you be so sure that they aren't preparing to kill you? Wouldn't you like to join up with someone who cares?"

*Skyler became tired, and suddenly fell asleep. When he awoke, he was on one knee, looking up at a familiar figure, sitting at a throne, surrounded by nothingness. Beriah stood at his side.*

"Beriah! Ragnarok!"

"Quit callin' him Ragnarok!" Beriah said. "Look into his eyes... do you think that is really Ragnarok?"

"W-what? Then... who are you?"

"Skyler," the familiar voice said. "Three years ago, I tried to rightfully restake my position in your world. Ragnarok, my dark self, replaced me during a dimensional shift... you must get me back to my beloved world, no matter what you have to do..."

"You... want me to kill Ragnarok?"

"You must do whatever you can... Ragnarok means the Apocalypse... I must not let that... happen."

"But...! Ragnarok saved me, many times in the past!"

"How can you be so sure? All the people did at Windor was lie to you. Before you died, you don't know what happened to you..."

"I... won't believe it..."

"Skyler, it will take time, but soon, you will see..."

"But..." Skyler shot a glance at Beriah. "Why was Beriah after us?"

"To return what was rightfully mine..." Entanebx looked at his staff.

"Ragnarok gave this staff to your 'sister...'"

"What do you mean...? Crysta is not my... I WON'T BELIEVE IT! I WON'T!"

*Skyler quickly drew his Atma Weapon, and with a cry, charged for Entanebx. Just as he was about to plant his blow, Entanebx and Beriah faded into nothingness, and Skyler found himself outside the Tavern.*

"What... happened? ENTANEBX!!!"

*Skyler fell to his knees. Ragnarok, Mikosi, Crysta and the others heard Skyler's yells, and ran outside.*
Skyler - OOC
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Apr 10th 0:23 AM
Okay, now for some history.

Once upon a time, there were two espers, brother and sister. When they were still only at a young age, a dark power overcame their parents, and before any harm could be done to them, they were brought to safety in the human world.
They were soon found by humans. The girl seemed old enough to be sent to the empirical military school, while the boy was too young, and was left to die. But the boy was soon found by a group of rugged travelers, and they raised him, teaching him the tricks of the trade and fighting techniques.
The girl was praised for her magic ability, a top-ranking empirical soldier. But the boy's powers were discovered after ten years of care from the travelers, and he was sent to wander the earth alone.
Eight years passed. The boy, unaware of his true identity, even of his true race, discovered the town of Windor, where he decided to settle down and discovered true friendship. The girl, meanwhile, was sent by the emperor to seek the Dark Magicite, unaware that the beings inside it were her parents. She let her parents loose on the esper world, and therefore was banished from it. She gave the Dark Magicite to a strange man, who was never to be seen again.
The boy soon discovered his true identity as an esper. Not long after, the girl entered the town, deciding to quit the military and stay at Windor. The two were ignorant of each other, and did not remember a thing about each other, until…
On a trip to Jahi'tai to uncover the mystery of Cloud Rivan, The girl, Crysta, fell unconscious. The boy, Skyler, decided to stray from the rest of the group accompanying Cloud and monitor Crysta's dream.
He looked into Crysta's past, and discovered their hidden relation, as brother and sister.
They returned to Windor, and accompanied by Skyler's friend Ragnarok and his two companions, Excalibur and Illumina, they set out to find the Dark Magicite.
Skyler was set off course and met Garn, a caller who joined Skyler's group. Garn held a sword with mysterious writings, wrtitings that he said he wasn't even sure what they said.
After finding the man, they battled him to near death, when he summoned the Dark Magicite. Skyler and Crysta fought their parents with all their might. Crysta won, but Skyler lost. He died.
Heartbroken, Crysta and the others returned to Windor. Garn soon met Mikosi, a young half esper, half human. Mikosi had envisioned Skyler's death, and said she would forever mourn for him.
Soon, the group set off again, this time hoping to redeem Crysta, and have the elders of the esper world forgive her. When they had completed various tasks, they traveled to the sealed gate of the esper world, and Zrycor, the head elder forgave Crysta. Garn was then told what the designs on his sword said, but it was too late; Garn used the hidden power in his sword to capture Zrycor, and other espers, making him more powerful.
Returning to Windor, Garn showed his new collection of espers to Mikosi, and when she heard her father's name, Zrycor, being mentioned, she threw herself upon Garn. But through acts of trickery, Garn escaped.
Meanwhile, when Crysta had thoroughly understood the power concentrated in Garn's sword, she used it to bring Skyler back from the dead. Skyler, though, remembered nothing of his life as a human.
Soon, Skyler, Crysta, and the others met up with Mikosi, and they set off to find Garn. When they did, Garn was not Garn anymore. He called himself Beriah instead, and through the apprehension of power, had turned into a monster. He took Crysta's staff, mentioned the name Entanebx, and vanished.
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Apr 10th 2:16 PM
*She hears Skylers screams, and runs outside, kneeling beside him*

"What's wrong Skyler? What happened? Why are you screaming?"
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Apr 10th 6:51 PM
*Skyler slowly turned his head.*

"G-get away from me..."

*Skyler backed away from the confused Tavernites.*

"How can I really trust you... how do I know... that you aren't just making me see what isn't true..."
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Apr 10th 7:11 PM

"Crysta burst out of the tavern, and ran at him.*

"Skyler! Whats wrong??? Why are you screaming??? Tell me!"

*Crysta bent down, but he jumped away, frightened.*

"I wonder whats wrong...."
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Apr 10th 7:58 PM
*Skyler eyed Crysta.*

"...How can I be sure you're even my sister...?"

*Skyler got up and pointed at Ragnarok.*

"And you... Entanebx said... I should send you back where you belonged..."

*Ragnarok stod stupified. Was Entanebx controlling Skyler?*
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Apr 10th 9:24 PM
"What are you talking about? Of course I'm your sister! and whats all this about ragnarok? Are you okay?"

*Crysta walked over to him, and he jumped up and ran.*

"Get away from me! All of you! Now!"

*He backed into the tavern wall, and stood there..... he just stood there....
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Apr 10th 11:09 PM
*She grabs his arm, and looks into his eyes, trying to find out what was wrong. She felt his whole body trembling*

"What happened? _Please_ tell me. Trust me. I, _we_ *guestures to the group* fought Beriah for you... your life. We risked our lives to save you... how can you not trust us?"

*Crysta answers*
"He doesn't remember anything after his childhood."

"Well I know that, but he hasta see..."

*She again looks at Skyler for an answer*
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Apr 10th 11:18 PM
*Skyler slid down, against the wall.*

"E-Entanebx... told me that he was trying to get back what was rightfully his... Crysta-- his staff..."

"And how do you know that he wasn't lying?" asked Mikosi.

"How do I... know..."

*Skyler stopped trembling, and lowered his head.*

"Beriah... fought against me, too... you're right. Thank you, Mikosi!"

*Skyler stood up.*

"But now I don't know who I can trust..."

*He looked into the eyes of the people surrounding him.*

<I guess she's right... these are the people that I can trust...>
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Apr 10th 11:23 PM
*Entanebx's annoyed look turned into a scowl.*

Beriah said, "He knows who to trust... that's it for our first line of offense..." he juggled his magicites.

*Entanebx moved the magicites away from his hands while in midair.*

"Why must I put up with you... why, out of anyone, did I choose you? You were innocent, you had no motives..."

"I'm sorry, Lord Entanebx..."

"Lord... hmm, I like that."

As Beriah slowly walked to fetch his magicites, he mumbled, "I see how he's the frickin' opposite of Ragnarok..."

*Entanebx shot his head toward Beriah, and shot him hundreds of feet into the air with a twitch of his palm.*

"You don't even know how to rightfully treat your lord..."

<I'm getting sick of this bossiness...> though Beriah.
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Apr 16th 8:18 PM
"I heard that!" Entanebx yells at Beriah, twitching his palm, causing Beriah to be thrown up into the air and slammed to the ground.

He then mentions to Beriah, "Oh, I almost forgot...I don't want Excalibur or Illumina to aid Ragnarok this time around...Go to the Cleft of Dimension and bring back some Evil-typed demons..."

Entanebx hands Beriah a few leather pouches, which have had enchantments cast on them specifically for trapping monsters. "Those two aren't going to save him THIS time..." Entanebx starts to chant a spell.

"Can't you ever stop bossing me ar--" Beriah is cut off as Entanebx finishes chanting X-Zone, sending Beriah to the Cleft of Dimension.

"I'll make sure I regain my rightful position...And kill anyone who tries to oppose me..."
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Apr 16th 8:48 PM
*Time had passed after Skyler had mysteriously dissapeared and reappeared. The town of Windor was getting along, but with the AVA constantly attacking, the future of Windor was questionable. Skyler didn't care about the AVA, though. More danger was approaching the town, in the most silent manner possible.*


*Scouting around the Cleft of Dimension, Beriah himself became a little scared. Monsters popped out at him after every turn, and he was chased by a giant robotic machine of six legs. But with every step he took, a light twinge of power engulfed him. The espers would keep working their magic until who knows when...*


"Ragnarok," Skyler asked one day.


"Why do you think we haven't experienced any more attacks from Entanebx and Beriah, recently?"
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Apr 18th 6:16 PM
Ragnarok ponders over this question, and answers, "Well...I know him well after the first time I met him, and killed him...Or so I thought. He's going to make sure that I'm not around to interfere with his plans. I won't let him do so. But he will be back, someday...Sometime...And more powerful than when I first did battle with him. I must be ready for that time."
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Apr 19th 0:25 AM
"Ready for that time, huh?" a voice echoed in Ragnarok's ear. Skyler saw the concerned look on his face, and asked what was wrong.

~"I... heard something right now... but it didn't come from anyone around right now..."

"Think again."

*A figure cloaked in dark blue appeared behind Ragnarok, a black aura enveloping him. Ragnarok turned around.*

~"Who are you?"

"All I will tell you for now is that Entanebx is not at rest..."

~"What do you mean?! I demand you tell me, who are you!?"

"If you must know, my name is Genghis. That is all for now. You'll see me again..."

~"Wait! Don't go!"

*Genghis disappeared. Ragnarok and Skyler both knew that he wouldn't be located for a while, until the next turn of events..."
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Apr 21st 10:59 PM
The time is now...
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Apr 21st 11:08 PM
(OOC - Church bell noise!)

*More days had past, and the bonds had strengthened between Skyler and Windor. He was devoted to the people of the town, they gained his trust, and from many sources, he had regained the knowledge of his past. One day, Skyler was walking down the streets of Windor with Ragnarok, chatting about current events. Mikosi was somewhere tagging along behind, without them noticing, and the Tavern was near.*

*The sky briskly turned a dark shade of red, as Beriah and Genghis appeared in front of Skyler and Ragnarok. As an instinct, Skyler and Ragnarok drew their weapons.*

Skyler: "Why have you come here?"
Ragnarok: "What does Entanebx want with us?"

Beriah: "Hi, guys! We were just down here to say goodnight..."

Skyler: "What the hell's that supposed to mean? G-ah!"

*Genghis tightened an outstretched hand, and slowly lifted it, as Skyler's neck, made the same notion, and slowly lifted up into the air. By this time, the people in the tavern, and Mikosi, had noticed the sky, and heard the commotion outside.*
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Apr 21st 11:23 PM
*She runs outside from her stop at the little girl's room, too see the scene folding out*

"Holy sh--!"

*Her pupils get really small, as she sees Skyler dangling in the air, and Genghis seeming to be holding him up in a similar motion. Not really thinking, she closed her eyes, and the blade of her septer started to glow white. Angelic wings sprouted from her back, and she rose into the air. With a burst of energy, a beam of light-energy shot straight at Genghis...*
The Duo
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Apr 21st 11:26 PM
(OOC - BTW, Mikosi, you were already following the two...


*Genghis didn't move at all. Skyler continued to dangle in midair, and the energy surrounded Genghis, as he absorbed it. Beriah went hovering toward Mikosi.*
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Apr 21st 11:32 PM
((Actually, I knew that, that is why I sed "coming back from the little girl's room"... anyways))

*Her eyes flash red briefly, as she sees Beriah coming*

"How fun, this again!"

*Not wanting to wait, she lunged forward, making large swipes in the air at Beriah, hopefully too quick for him to catch the septer...*
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