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Aldoalvarez82: tristine
AdidasGrl15: UMNO
AdidasGrl15: yes?
Aldoalvarez82: r u tristine
AdidasGrl15: yes why
Aldoalvarez82: its me aldo hahaha
AdidasGrl15: omg
AdidasGrl15: ALDO?!
Aldoalvarez82: yeas hahahha
AdidasGrl15: what do u want
AdidasGrl15: :-)
AdidasGrl15: aldo u there?
Aldoalvarez82: yes
Aldoalvarez82: how is it going
AdidasGrl15: fine u?
Aldoalvarez82: same so hows your spring break
AdidasGrl15: oh pretty cool
AdidasGrl15: i'm meeting a bunch of other gyus
AdidasGrl15: guys
Aldoalvarez82: hahahhaha and doing what
AdidasGrl15: O:-)
AdidasGrl15: ... And I'm scary when I'm on Caine, which is ONLY 2% of the time. So fft ft sploit on you all!
AdidasGrl15: wait oops wrong windoew
AdidasGrl15: hehehe
Aldoalvarez82: fuck tristine hahahaha
Aldoalvarez82: damn hahahaha
AdidasGrl15: whut u want 2 knwo who caine is??? heheheh
Aldoalvarez82: caine is cocaine isnt it?
AdidasGrl15: no hes this cool guy i met
AdidasGrl15: dumbass hehehe
Aldoalvarez82: yeah right hahahah 2% of the time that doesnt kmake sense
AdidasGrl15: oh ok u got me :-)
Aldoalvarez82: hell yeah
Aldoalvarez82: hahaha
AdidasGrl15: so u want me in bed or whut
AdidasGrl15: :-*
Aldoalvarez82: i went to magic mountain today hahah
AdidasGrl15: hahha
Aldoalvarez82: i went to the bungee jumgp
AdidasGrl15: oh ur so cool hehehe
Aldoalvarez82: r u drunk right now? or on drugs?
AdidasGrl15: whut
AdidasGrl15: whut about u??
Aldoalvarez82: me no

AdidasGrl15: hahah dont lie..
AdidasGrl15: dont pay attention to me
Aldoalvarez82: hahahahahahha
Aldoalvarez82: ok i wont oay
AdidasGrl15: ahhahhahhhah
AdidasGrl15: "oay" hahahh
AdidasGrl15: man ur such a bad typre
AdidasGrl15: typer
Aldoalvarez82: i know
Aldoalvarez82: u too
AdidasGrl15: hey shut t up fig pucker hha
Aldoalvarez82: ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh hooooowowowowow
AdidasGrl15: ive started a website, ynknow so i gota be a better typer
Aldoalvarez82: why u been having alot of sex and we are just satrting spring break
AdidasGrl15: i dunno cuz its FUN
Aldoalvarez82: whcich website let me see it
Aldoalvarez82: ooooooohhhhhhhhhh ok
AdidasGrl15: wana see my site it has some picx of me
AdidasGrl15: :-)
Aldoalvarez82: what kind of pics r they?
AdidasGrl15: good ones check it otu
Aldoalvarez82: more or less tell me about it
AdidasGrl15: um...i got one with my legs spred omg hahahhaha
Aldoalvarez82: wait
Aldoalvarez82: r u trystine ?

AdidasGrl15: wut?
AdidasGrl15: are u at the site??
Aldoalvarez82: ok whats ur last name
Aldoalvarez82: no
AdidasGrl15: oh well
Aldoalvarez82: aaaaaaahhhhh u r not trystine
AdidasGrl15: Whoops! I'm away right now, friend! Please come back later, and be sure to fly HAHE ROBBLE ROBBLE 8D airlines again.
AdidasGrl15: Didn't take long.
AdidasGrl15: That was kinda fun.
AdidasGrl15: What's Tristine like, anyway?
AdidasGrl15: Whoops. Chemistry final!
AdidasGrl15: Sorry to bug you with should make up for that.
AdidasGrl15: Type faster, slave!
AdidasGrl15: Whoops. I'm outta here.
AdidasGrl15: Dammit, Tristine, not now.
AdidasGrl15: Bye, sweety!
Aldoalvarez82: bye
AdidasGrl15: Remember the, I say!
AdidasGrl15: And I'm a guy.