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The Midgar Swamp - We're not messing with your mind, you just think we are!

Heeeey, welcome to the Swamp! This place is founded by Serpent231, and is the follower to the hilarious, original, and now-dead RPG humor site, Cosmo Canyon. Here, you'll find some of the stuff that made Cosmo Canyon famous, along with our own wacky, yet strangely addictive, brand of humor.

Monday, September 4 -- Happy birthday to me...

Well, school's up and running again. I guess they finally fixed the server. *rim shot*

  • Well, after a miserable first attempt at it on RPG Maker 95, I downloaded RPG Maker 2000 and made Pt. Reyes: The actual game, that is! It's taken a LOT of productivity out of working on stuff for the Swamp (no... um...really.), and, while short, could be a hoot for the whole family. Unfortunately, it's a pretty big download for all us non-Cable-thwackin' people to download (6MB), so just leave the computer on for a few weeks and it should eventually finish. Beam it up, cap'n!.
  • Thanks to the wonder that is Boredom (no, NOT Bordam), I've been channeling some Tom Green and putting it to use in Delphi chatrooms. Check out all the havoc I've caused if you're into annoying people. Hey, I'll never see these people again in my life, so why not?
  • Pointless staff info updated.
  • I got the world's greatest 231 Sighting while I was in Canada.
  • And for your enjoyment, here's some more artwork by Mikosi!

  • Sophmore year is to the Freshman year what T.G. Cid is to Cid VI lately, so I haven't been able to do much these days. Namely, the Canada Journal and Others. But don't worry, I'll "work away in my spare time"!
  • You haven't lived until you've elbowdropped a stuffed animal from the top of a ladder onto a trampoline. Or, while I'm at it: You haven't lived until you've been to Canada, either.
  • As I said before, my 15th boithday was a few days ago. I got some cool presents, including a SWIVEL CHAIR! Hell yeah! Now I can compete in the Swivel Chair Marathon! Or maybe that's the 2.5 mile Pacific Sun race on Monday. I forgot. Either way, that chair's gonna WIN ME THAT RACE!

    Dassh all.

Wednesday, August 23 -- Pong

People vending hot dogs outside of the New York Stock Exchange must be proud to say they work on Wall Street.

  • My Story of Skyler's finally been updated.
  • Random conversation of the day:

    <JeffreyAtW> I SEE HIS
    <JeffreyAtW> BIG PENIS
    <JeffreyAtW> Sing with me, Ragna!
    <Ragnarosen> What the?
    <JeffreyAtW> Ever heard de's version of One Winged Angel?
    <Ragnarosen> No.
    <JeffreyAtW> YOU MUST LISTEN.
    <Ragnarosen> I just got introduced to this great MIDI composer who makes Tyvek Liinhaal sound like the Cute Animal Characters.
    <JeffreyAtW> Really? Who might that be?
    <Ragnarosen> His name is Drazier Zwei.
    <JeffreyAtW> Oh... a new alter-ego, eh?
    <Ragnarosen> Let me find you his page.
    <JeffreyAtW> Good enough. I'll look at it "later."
    <Ragnarosen> Meaning you'll never look at it.
    <JeffreyAtW> Hey.. mind if I put this conversation on the Swamp?
    <Ragnarosen> I don't mind.
    <JeffreyAtW> Ah... damn.

  • Haruka'S CanYoN has been updated AGAIN with an even better design, graphics, and not as much clutter! Check it out! Yes, I am aware that there is just a picture of Zidane there. That's the joke. Get it? Haha. hA.
  • A new review of Myst... one that's been sitting in my mailbox forever. Heh. Seems I forgot. I... didn't make... a mistake... just now... did I?
  • The new splash image is a parody of ZVGQ's title image.
  • I removed the Random Picture Archive because it didn't work. All random pictures can show up right here, anyway!
  • Speaking about removing things, BobCFed08 asked to be kicked off the Swamp. Well then... good-bye, Bob! *kicks Bob down the Swamp's garbage chute*
  • My trip to New York was fun... mostly because I brought my laptop. MP3s you must listen to:
    I Love Paris by Toots Theioemans
    Boom Boom Dollar by King Kong & D. Jungle Girls
    Melodies of Life from FF9
  • New games I got: Wario Land 3 (ROXORZ), Chrono Cross (ROXORZ), Pokemon Yellow (got it for free, so that ROXORZ), Pong (SUXORZ). Reviews coming soon.
  • Coming soon to an AtW near you: School.

Thursday, August 3 -- BEH

New York, New Yorrrrrrrk!

  • Haruka'S CanYoN, the website of that idiot girl who flamed us, is finally here, with original material! Check it out! It even gives a shout out to us on the main page!
  • Speaking about that, our email conversation has become larger.
  • I'm going to New York for two weeks. Fortunately, the Swamp is now on Tripod, so there'll be no server downtimes or nuthin'. And seeing how often I update the site, it will look like there was no update at all! Yayee!
  • I haven't gotten much done recently because of real life: being a Counselor in Training, taking time off to mow the lawn and read books (eek!), and other UNIMPORTANT stuff like THAT.
  • Ha HA! My second real composition is MIDI of the day. It kicks ass, I may say. You can download a real clip of me playing the guitar chords for the song, here!

Sunday, July 23 -- Thtuff

S'more stuff not worthy of a new MIDI of the Day.

  • About Wrestling. (SERPENT BASHING MODE ON!) My stepbrother Jason is visiting this weekend. He loves wrestling. Like Serp, he's got black hair and a similar haircut, the same skin tone, and he's retarded. Now, Jason is actually retarded, while Serp is only retarded while SERPENT BASHING MODE is on. He's got Down syndrome, and watches TV almost all day. I wonder... do the same thoughts go through Jason's head as Serp's head, when they're watching wrestling? The plot thickens... (SERPENT BASHING MODE OFF!)

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