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     The explorations and discoveries of Sentra made it what it is today. Ever since there was recorded history to the time of European explorers, people have surely left their mark on Sentra.
     Cave drawings dating back to 3,000 B.C.E., found in Sentra city, depicted circles with dots in the center. The symbols depicted a place in the center of the earth. They were undoubtedly describing Sentra, a place directly on the equator, and on the Prime Meridian as well.
     Sentra has never been a very desirable place to live. It is a hot and humid country. Because of this, European explorers did not claim permanent residence in Sentra until around 1500 C.E. The natives of Sentra, though, created a simple society, called the Shumi tribe. The Shumi were a peaceful people, making frequent journeys to Ghana and Togo.
     Around 1500 C.E., the Spanish conquered Sentra, almost completely wiping out the Shumi tribe, and forcing the remaining people out to the plains. Since then, the city's culture evolved into a modern city.