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Excalibur comes back into his lab, struggling with trying to carry a block of Adamantium (a metal said to be impenetrably hard…and VERY heavy), and behind him, a robot helper carrying another, larger one. At that time, Illumina finishes taking a shower, puts on a robe, and asks Excalibur where he might have some clothes she could wear for now. He tells her to go to the Armor section of his lab, since there are clothes there (all of the clothes in the lab were in the clothes washer at the time). Illumina enters the Armor area, and finds that Excalibur is somewhat short of garment-like armor. She manages to find a set of Strength clothing, the only garment-like armor there. They seem a bit small, though, and the shirt half does not cover her midriff, but at least she has something to wear.

Excalibur calls her in, asking if she could help with making armor out of the Adamantium. She comes in and sees him standing by a large chamber. "This is a SpectralPrismatic Laser Cutter. For it to work, it requires three basic things: light, prisms, and fiber optics. First, light is focused through a fiber optic line, then dispersed and magnified by a complex setup of prisms, and finally concentrated through a spectralprismatic diamond. This makes it strong enough to cut through Adamantium. Of course, these blocks of Adamantium are too small to make a full set of armor, let alone for me. I need an idea of what I can use it for..." Excalibur then notices her clothing, takes note of it, and comes up with an idea of what to use for it. "...Ah, I thought of something. I can make a small protector from one, and there is just enough Adamantium to cover your midriff. Would you like that?" "Sure, why not?" she agrees, and Excalibur starts to cut the Adamantium block with the laser cutter.

While Excalibur is cutting the block, Illumina, capricious as she is, wanders over to another of Excalibur's devices, clearly labeled as a Dimensional Transportation System. "...Beta Version 2.31. How many of these things has he made already?" Illumina mutters to herself. She then notices some of the buttons and dials on the machine, and thinking that this machine is not operational, starts to fiddle with them. She notices that nothing happens, and she clearly seemed to expect this. "Those experimental inventions of his never seem to work when I mess around with them. They don’t even turn on!" Excalibur calls her to come back, saying that he has finished cutting the Adamantium, and she goes back over to see how it. One problem: She forgot to notice a warning on the machine before she left: "This machine requires a five-minute warm-up before it will activate."

Illumina tries on the armor Excalibur fashioned from the Adamantium, and says it looks good. Not thinking that it may be heavy because of its density, she attempts to pick it up one-handed, struggling with lifting it, then says to Excalibur, "It's pretty heavy though, for a small thing like that, isn’t it?" "Not exactly. Remember that Adamantium IS a HIGHLY dense metal, and even small amounts of it are heavy for their size," Excalibur replies. Then, remembering that he was going to work on his Dimensional Transportation System, he asks, "Hey, how would you like to help me fix up the Dimensional Transportation System I was working on? I'm trying to lower the radiation emitted by it low enough for safe transportation." She replies, saying, "That piece of junk? I fiddled around with the knobs and nothing happened. It's like a lot of your earlier devices, they never–"

Excalibur, now knowing she messed around with an experimental device of his, shouts at her, "You WHAT? How long ago was that?" "About four and a half minutes ago," she replies. "...We must hurry, that device needs to be reset, and FAST! If it's not fixed in time, the radiation emitted from it will render this lab, and eventually this PLANET, uninhabitable!" They hurry over to the device with about thirty seconds left. On the way over, Excalibur says, "Good thing I implanted an anti-radiation device in this suit…It will protect me from the radiation of the portal created by the device…" In his haste, he did not notice that Illumina had no such protection. "Oh, this isn’t good…I don’t want you to get hurt but…I don’t want to let global destruction happen either…" He ponders over the decision for the moment, then Illumina slaps him upside the head and says, "Fix the device already! Don’t worry about me, shut this thing off before it’s too late!" Excalibur goes over to the Dimensional Transportation System and starts to reset the settings on the device that Illumina fiddled around with, but it is too late...The Dimensional Transportation System activates, and pulls in Excalibur and Illumina. Moments later, electromagnetic radiation from the Dimensional Transportation System causes the SpectralPrismatic Laser Cutter to malfunction and misfire...Like a black hole, the portal created by the Dimensional Transportation System pulls in the rays emitted by the SpectralPrismatic Laser Cutter.

Something goes on inside the portal...Radiation from the portal bombards the two. The atoms of the Strength garment and Adamantium armor/bracer fuse with the atoms of Illumina's own flesh...And seem to go beyond the outer layer. While that is happening The rays from the SpectralPrismatic Laser Cutter that were absorbed by the portal strike Excalibur's hair, causing it to become SpectralPrismatic itself in color.

Moments later outside the Dimensional Transportation System, one of Excalibur's worker robots comes in, and notices that the machine was activated...And Excalibur is not around to supervise. He proceeds to the machine, which tries to pull him in as well, but luckily, he is too large for it to pull in. He manages to fiddle around with the dials until the machine goes in reverse, slamming the robot into the wall, and later, shooting out Excalibur and Illumina. Eventually, the machine itself shuts down from overheating. Before Illumina and Excalibur were shot out from it, though, the worker robot had put up a vertically set airbag-like device, to keep them from being severely hurt from the force of the throw.

Excalibur and Illumina regain consciousness soon after. "Are you OK, Illumina?" Before he can open his eyes, Illumina feels that something's missing...And she says to him, "Don't look, whatever that thing did, it stripped me of my clothing. I'm going to get my old clothes, and put them in your clothes-washer. She does so, and by the time she comes back out, she notices something...Different. Not about herself right now, but about what happened to Excalibur's hair. She jokes, "That's a new look for you...Is Crono’s hairstyle the new fad for mad scientists?" Excalibur tells her to get him a hat, to cover his crazy hairstyle. While she is rummaging around for one in the Helmets department (he also was out of hats that were just lying around...Those were being washed at the time as well), Excalibur feels something in his mind. He tries to figure out what it is, and suspecting it is an ability he was studying the scientific principle of, he attempts to pick up a small object lying around with only his mind...And succeeds! He starts attempting to pick up larger objects, and…

…When Illumina finally finds a hat for him, she comes back, only to find huge objects floating in the air...And only Excalibur is in the room. "Wha...What are you doing?" she asks. Excalibur replies, "...I'm not exactly sure how this happened, but the radiation from the portal created by the Dimensional Transportation System has given me the ability of telekinesis! In addition, this ability seems to be increasing at an exponential rate. I might be able to master this ability within only a few days."

After hearing Excalibur’s little speech, Illumina then says, "...Speaking of strength...I feel like I picked some of it up from that garment. I wonder why that happened?". Excalibur, sensing something about the properties of how the armors fused with her skin, attempts to test her theory. He tells her to try to pick up the other block of Adamantium, saying that he wants to see how much effort she exerts when picking it up. She walks over to it and picks it up , holds it in one hand, and tosses it up and down as if it weighed practically nothing. "Hmmm, not bad...It seems that you have been infused the properties of the Strength garment you were wearing. As for the Adamantium..." He then lifts up the Adamantium again and sends it at her midsection at blinding speed. It hits…And bounces off harmlessly, crashing into the wall opposite of Illumina. "And the Adamantium fused with your midsection, making it impossible to hurt you there. It also seems to have entered your skeletal system…That would explain why the weight of the block of Adamantium you were tossing didn’t shatter the bones in your arm already."

Illumina interrupts him, and seems to be anxious to test out her newfound strength. "I can’t wait till Ragnarok comes back in, I’m going to show him some real ‘girl power’!" Ragnarok was elsewhere this entire time, and has just returned from where he was. He enters the lab, and before he can turn on the lights in the hallway, Illumina, shadowed by the darkness, grabs him by the arm and throws him into the lab. Excalibur managed to finally have a moment of privacy to slip on the hat, but noticing Ragnarok being thrown through the hallway, he drops the hat, and puts up a telekinetic shield right before Ragnarok hits him. He is knocked unconscious for a moment, but he doesn't seem hurt that bad...

When he regains consciousness a moment later, he says, "Oow, my head...What did I hit?" he says, trying to shake off the disorientation caused by the throw. After he regains his orientation, Ragnarok notices Excalibur's hair. "Wow, Excalibur, what kind of hair dye did you manage to create now?" Ragnarok then notices Illumina coming through the now-lit hallway. "And when, Lum, did you learn how to throw someone like that?" "Do you want me to explain what happened?" Excalibur asks. Ragnarok DOES want to know, and Excalibur and Illumina tell him. He seems a bit confused after hearing their story, but after awhile, it makes sense to him.

Except for the part about the clothing fusing onto Illumina’s body, of course. ‘That Adamantium fused with your midsection and made it as hard as that metal, huh? I’ll see about that…" Suspecting that Illumina wasn’t being serious, he attempts to knock the wind out of her with a well-placed left hook. In the process though, he breaks his hand from the force of the punch, and starts to scream out in pain. Excalibur then leaves the room for a moment to get one of his medic robots to fix up Ragnarok’s now-broken hand. Illumina then tells Ragnarok, "Hey, it’s your own fault…That’s what happens when you don’t believe me."

After the pain has settled in his broken hand (for now), he tells them about what he was doing...And fittingly, it's not much: He went out searching for any of his Esper kindred, and didn't succeed. For the rest of that day, the three of them proceed in fixing up the lab.