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The Quest for Forgiveness
Part 5

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Feb 4th 8:29 PM
*The young Caller Garn stepped outside of his house. It was a beautiful morning, too bad that their village almost never saw sunlight, because of the mist. But still, he could sense it was nice. A fresh wind caught his face, and he stared up into the grayness above him. Suddenly, he noticed the outline of a winged figure hurtle toward him. Garn stepped out of the way just in time to see Skyler tumble in front of him. Horrified, Garn ran into his house and notified his parents. His parents ran out to see Skyler passed out, but not injured. They suddenly realized what he was.*

"Garn, do you know what this is?! It's a Called Monster!"

"Wow! Really!?"

*Skyler's eyes awoke to see a boy with flaming red hair in a decorative black tunic.*

"W-who are you? Am I in the village of Mist?"

"Yes you are, Called Monster... how would you like to join me?"

*Garn's parents proudly smiled from behind.*

"What? Join you? Oh yes, you're a Caller. I'm sorry, I can't do that."

*Skyler turned his back and was about to leave to find the rest of the group, when Garn shouted,*

"STOP! I can't let you leave without a battle. If you win, I will let you go on your way. If I win... you join me."

*Skyler smirked at the spunky kid.*

"All right, Caller, you have a deal."

*Suddenly, from behind, three jet-propelled vehicles and a dragon appeared from behind...*
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Mar 4th 6:55 PM
*The cave to the esper world was only a couple miles away... the group could walk it. Hotaru was feeling very tired by lending his MP to Skyler, but if he stopped, Skyler would be dead again. Garn was definitely not going to lend his MP and Golem would unknowingly crush the magicite, so he decided to hand Skyler to ZoneSeek. Illumina tossed him an ether.*

"Thanks, Illumina..."

*Garn was getting bored. All this walking around was making his feet hurt. He swished his sword around, feining some anger expressions with his face.*

"Garn," Excalibur said, "could you please watch where you're putting that thing? You could lop one's head off."

"Um, sorry..."

"That's okay. Say, who ever made that sword? Must have been a skilled swordsmith to carve such intricate designs..."

"Some families in Mist have them... very rare, but since I'm the only one in the family that's going to fight battles, my dad gave it to me."

"Do you know what the designs mean? There seems to be some type of writing on it..."

"Nah, never found out what that means. But there has been some story about the sides of the sword... never really heard any details."

"Hmm," Excalibur said, looking to be in thought. "Interesting..."

*Soon the group could see an abandoned military base nearby.*

"We've reached it... just beyond is the Sealed Gate."
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Mar 4th 7:12 PM
*Crysta, and all the espers felt awesome power, from beyond the abandoned military base. They trampled in, creating a ruckus. They pushed open the doors to the base, finding silence. They walked to the cave. It was dark, but a few light spells fixed that. They trudged on, finding old magicite shards, and treasures. Along the way, everyone was silent. There were few words spoken.*

"This is so breathtaking" Someone said. No-one replied.

*They moved on, barely breathing, when, BAM! Everyone jumped! a switch had been stepped on, that let a giant boulder loose. It fell from 50 feet up, creating a huge noise.*

"Who was that? Who? WHO?" Ragnarok demanded.

"I don't know. Lets keep going...... We're almost there." Crysta sounded quite nervous.
User ID: 9029153
Mar 4th 8:05 PM
*They turned and twisted through the dark cave, dodging lava pits and other hidden switches. Bats and other cave monsters were annhilated by the group, and finally, they reached the sealed gate. Crysta stepped forward from the group and up to the gate, when she stopped short and staggered back, as if she had walked into a wall.*

"It's a forcefield, preventing me from getting in..."

*Ragnarok walked up and past where Crysta had been knocked down.*

"And only for you... Brothers, Hotaru... come with me. Crysta and the others, stay behind. We're going to have to negotiate with the Elders."

*The others nodded, Crysta with wide eyes and Garn with a sneer and his arms folded, as the espers walked into darkness. The espers saw a familiar sight: caves, the homes of espers. They walked through the small town of espers and came upon a quite larger cave. Ragnarok entered. Candle-lit and quiet, Four old espers sat around the table. One stood up.*

"Ragnarok, you've returned! I am Zrycor, the head elder. I know you've met the others... Gary, Glenn and David..."

*The three at the table nodded their different-shaped heads.*

"Why have you come back?"
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Mar 5th 8:45 PM
Before Ragnarok can speak, Glenn asks why Ragnarok brought five of his brothers (plus a Summon) along with him.

"Why are they here?"

"I needed to ask my fellow Espers to help me with this matter..."

"Your matter, what is it?" David asks.

Ragnarok states his reason: "We came for one reason: We need to ask your forgiveness of--"

Gary exclaims, "No! We won't forgive Crysta! Not after the death and destruction she brought to our world..."


"But what?" David asks.

Ragnarok whispers to Diamond and Carbuncle to get something from Crysta. They leave for now.

Ragnarok tells them, "...I don't think it was Crysta's fault. She may have been under control..."

Gary stands up and says, "...It's preposterous. She knew what she was doing, and--"

Zrycor interrupts. "Let him speak, Gary! He may be speaking the truth, after all! He's one of our most trusted Espers around here..."

Gary grumbles at this remark and sits down.

Ragnarok continues to speak. "Not only was there someone controlling her, possibly, but there is proof that a lot of this destruction was not by her intent...Three of our kindred are...Near death."

Diamond and Carbuncle come back, and give the things to Ragnarok.

"Is that so?" Gary says.

Ragnarok continues. "Yes. And you'll know who these three are..." He hands them the Magicites. They know who these three are.

"These are...Abadus and Emana...And Ambrosia?"

"Crysta and Ambrosia had to fight their parents to rid the evil essence from them...Ambrosia didn't survive that..."

"But who...Who brought this evil essence upon them?" Glenn asks.

"I'm not sure. A man named Sibelius had the Magicites of Abadus and Emana, and he may have brought darkness to their souls, but we killed him off. I'm having thoughts that even Sibelius may have just been a pawn to a power greater than him...And someone I thought I took care of in another dimension..."

David mentions something. "Sibelius? Hmmm. He was banned from here when he tried to destroy our world 27 years ago...I don't know how he could've came back..."

"I don't know either," Ragnarok says. "But right now, we need to ask for Crysta's forgiveness."

The four Elders talk to each other about this subject, and come to an agreement.

Zyrcor speaks. "We'll see about it, Ragnarok, but we'll have to speak about this to the Esper God...Bahamut. He should be back shortly."
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Mar 6th 12:02 PM
*A while later, a large dark figure was spotted in the sky. Descending from the clouds was the Esper God Bahamut, giant wings flapping as he made a soft landing on the ground outside the elders' cave. Zrycor and the others went out to greet him.*

"Welcome, Bahamut!"

"Hello, Zrycor."

"We have a prized visitor... Ragnarok is here along with his brothers!"

"I see... why have you come here, Ragnarok?"

Ragnarok kneeled. "Bahamut, we are here because a fellow esper would like to ask your forgiveness..."

*He presented the three Magicites, one faintly glowing because of reverse osmosis.*

"Here are three relative espers... Abadus and Emana, their son, Ambrosia..."

"You have come to ask the forgiveness of Crysta, I presume."

"You are right..."

"Crysta has fought and fought to come here, bring newfound friends along, witness tragedy... I wholeheartedly forgive her... it was not even her fault that she wreaked havoc on the esper world..."

*The forcefield was lifted from the entrance, and Crysta was once again allowed into the esper world. She slowly entered, with Excalibur, Ilumina, and Garn behind her.*
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Mar 8th 2:52 PM
*Garn swished his sword back and forth. He stopped to look curiously at the designs and writing on the sides.*

"Let me take a look at that," Excalibur said. "I know every language around these parts, it's a little talent of mine... I'll easily be able to decipher what it says."

*Garn handed Excalibur the hilt of the sword. Excalibur held it upright and squinted.*

"Hmm... this must be some kind of joke, something someone scribbled themself. There's no such language as--"

"I know what it says," said a loud, booming voice around a hundred feet away.

"Is that...?" The three ran over to the source of the voice.

"Bahamut!" Excalibur and Illumina trembled. "The esper god!"

"That is a rare sword... even I have only heard of it. There are different designs on each side. One says:"

The death of an esper
Is reversed
With the touch
Of this blade.

"The other says:"

Life is sapped
From the soul
Of an esper
With this blade.

"You're holding strong power in your hands... perhaps it's what you've been searching for all along... but it looks like it has gone into the wrong hands." Bahamut's calm, warm voice suddenly transformed into a roar. "THEY HAVE ENTRUSTED THIS SWORD WITH A SMALL BOY!"

*Color drained from Garn's face.*
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Mar 9th 5:02 PM
(Nobody else is posting, so I might as well.)

*Time seemed to freeze as everyone looked at Garn. He had the power to revive an esper or make it his, just like that. But he was a caller, and he was in the esper world! As soon as a large grin appeared on Garn's face, Ragnarok lunged for him, but Garn dodged. With his sword drawn, he ran for Zrycor, and before the esper could react, Garn slapped the dark side of his sword against him. Zrycor was engulfed in light, and condensed into magicite. The magicite flew into Garn's hand. Ragnarok backed off, afraid of being condensed as well.*

"You TRAITOR!" Ragnarok bellowed.

"Hey, I'm just a caller... it is my job."

*Some other unknowing espers tried to stop Garn, but all Garn did was swing his sword and they were his. Golem ran for Garn. He knew Golem was going to crush him before he could get his sword to him, and in a flash warped himself out of the esper world, leaving his sword behind. Glenn, Gary and David ran out of the Elders' cave.*

"Zrycor!" they yelled. "Our head elder, gone!"
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Mar 9th 7:20 PM
"Zrycor! No!"

*Crysta ran out of the cave, and screamed*


*Crysta rose her hands, and a flash of green light lit up the area. Garn appeared in a blue prison of light.*

"Garn! What the hell were you thinking? You idiot! How could you do that to Zrycor? He is the head esper! I'll kill you!"

*Crysta lunged at the prison. everyone ran for her but she ran past them, and leaped into the prison of light. She had her hands wrapped aroound his neck when she said*

"what am i doing? Why am i doing this? i..... I need to be alone!"

*Crysta ran off, through the village. She passed a cave with a green beams blocking the entrance. She stopped and walked up to it.*

"my house... this is my house..."

*Crysta walked into the beams, but instead of getting hurt, she passed right through them. She walked over to a chair, and sat down, memories rushing through her head. she couldn't speak....*
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Mar 10th 9:11 PM
*Garn coughed, rubbing his neck. Suspended in the blue prison of light, he grinned.*

"You... didn't see that coming? Heh heh... I'll be going now... you won't see the last of me..."

"Garn?" Excalibur squinted. "What's... wrong with you?"

*But Garn vanished. His sword remained. All eyes were focused on it. Bahamut was angry because of the head elder gone, but he somehow knew that it wouldn't be the last of him.*

"You know what to do now... Ambrosia, your Skyler, is free to come out. His parents are not dead... they cannot be revived."

*But the people seemed content. Illumina reached for Garn's sword, held it above her head, and brought it side-down towards the magicite of Skyler. Nothing happened for a few seconds, when suddenly, the darkened piece of dead magicite regained its green color, and it started to glow. Beams of light shot out of the magicite, and it was engulfed in a white glow. The surroundings were covered with a blinding white light, and when it died down, there was Skyler in esper form, standing dazed. He tried to speak, but no words came out.*

"Give it time, Ambrosia. You have returned from the dead."

*Skyler lifted his dark-skinned head towards Bahamut, his sight blurred, but then trembled back in surprise.*

"B-- B... Bah!"

*The rest of the group was overjoyed to see Skyler back.*

"Skyler!" They shouted. "You're alive!"

*But Skyler stood confused, as he had never heard the name Skylert before.*

"Sk.. Skylerr? Me... I... Skyler? I... am Ambrosia!"

*The cheers died down. They had forgotten. Ever since Skyler was forced into being a human, he forgot about his infantry as an esper. When he died, all rememberance of being a human was destroyed.*

"Crysta... where's Crysta?"

*Skyler shot up into the air and zipped toward the house Crysta had run to.*

"Crysta... I'm... here!"
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Mar 12th 2:40 AM
*Garn could feel the power building within him. He had transported back to Windor, and the magicites were giving him strength. He could even see his muscles growing; his magical power was raising.*

"What power! I've never felt such a jolt... besides the time I stuck a fork in the toaster... but that's not the point! Hmm... these magicite shards... I've got Zrycor, Crusader, Odin, Pandemona, Titan, Alexander... it just keeps getting better!"

*He dashed at an incredible speed back to the tavern. He slammed the door open and dashed to Mikosi, the half-human and half-esper newcomer.*

"Oh Miko--siii... Wanna see my new collection of magicite?"

"Hey Garn, have you been, um, working out? Or on drugs...?"

*Practically juggling them, he showed her his collection.*

"Gotta catch 'em all! Crusader, Odin, Pandemona, Titan, Alexander... and for my grand finale, the head elder of all espers, Zrycor!"

*Mikosi felt as if she had been pinned to her chair. Did Garn just mention her father's name?*
User ID: 0122954
Mar 12th 2:41 PM
((OOC--For those of you that have read Skyler's post, where it says "You know what to do now... Ambrosia, your Skyler, is free to come out. His parents are not dead... they cannot be revived."...It seems paradoxical, but he mentioned that they cannot be revived by the SWORD ALONE...))
Ragnarok has sensed his kindred being turned into Magicite...And turns to Excalibur for an idea on how to defend them.

"...Actually, there IS something I had planned to create...Since all of the Espers I need to help me with this experiment are here, I can commence it."

Excalibur goes over to Illumina and asks for her cape. She agrees (also adding that it needs the burnt area repaired), and Excalibur removes it with a device he has ((OOC--Just to note, although it looks sewed in, it isn't...Excalibur has mastered the use of a special type of bonding agent that keeps it in one piece, unless it needs removed)).

"I can make this cape invulnerable to any type of attack. What's needed is Diamond and Carbuncle's reflective shielding, Golem's physical damage shielding, ZoneSeek's magic shielding, some leftover Adamantium I left in the lab, and a bit of Astatine Tungstide ((OOC--The chemical formula for it is AtW ^_^)) to allow the cape to absorb all of the shielding and the Adamantium, without becoming rigid."

Excalibur goes over to Carbuncle, Diamond, Golem, and ZoneSeek, and asks them to come along. They agree.

"We'll be back shortly," Excalibur adds. After that message, he casts the Warp spell to transport the five of them back to his lab.
Skyler OOC
User ID: 9029153
Mar 12th 2:49 PM
What I meant was, Skyler's DEAD. D-E-A-D. The sword only revives completely dead magicite, and there are not many dead magicites, they're near death, and those are the ones that can be summoned. It's not the sword's job to revive NEAR-death espers, just completely dead ones. Freaky, huh?
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Mar 12th 5:27 PM
Definately taken back by Garn's comment, she states, "Did you say 'head elder,' Zrycor???"

Garn proudly nods and flashes the magicite in front of her.

Getting a dry taste in her mouth, she wispered, "But Zrycor is, is-- dead, I thought."

Spinning the magacite shard skillfully on the tip of his finger, "Well you thought wrong!" Garn takes a few steps back, and starts explaining what he did, "This sword I had, could capture espers, and condense them into magicite. It was totally cool! Realizing all the power I had, I knew that I could have any esper I wanted! So with a clean swing, I made the sword touch Zrycor here, and then poof! He was mine!"

Remembering her vision before, she connected the two, in a nanosecond. Angrily, she pins Garn against the wall with her septer, and says, "Never in my 18 years of existence, I would think I'd ever hear of my father again, and now, you tell me you have control over him, and I'm just a bit upset..."
User ID: 9029153
Mar 12th 5:40 PM
*Garn didn't look worried at all. His hands grabbed hold of the scepter and he swung the clinging Mikosi off of it. He held it like a harpoon.*

"Don't mess with me, 'Kosi... what's mine is mine... and these magicites are mine."

*Even as a young boy, the espers had given him incredible strength. Mikosi got up, having knocked over a table, and started chanting a spell.*


*A green protective barrier had surrounded Garn, and Mikosi finished chanting her spell. Powerful firey orbs flew towards Garn, but bounced back off and headed for Mikosi.*

"Don't even try! Ha!"

*He spun her scepter like a baton, and it hovered in the air, an aura eminating from it. It went for Mikosi, but with deadly haste, she caught it in midair. She went charging for Garn, but suddenly he vanished. Mikosi looked around, trying to find Garn, when she was englufed in freezing cold. Garn had appeared behind her. He sent a kick towards her, and they both flew out the door of the tavern.*

"I wonder if a half-esper turns to magicite... pity if it didn't."

*Casting Float on himself, hovering above Mikosi, he laughed.*

"I guess I'll have to see for myself!"
User ID: 1641184
Mar 12th 6:25 PM
Her eyes widened, totally shocked at his strength. She closed her eyes tight, and suddenly, she dissapeared.

Lifting an eyebrow he thought aloud, "Where did she go..."

Quietly, Mikosi reapeared behind the caller, and lifted her septer. She swung it around, slicing through his spell, and giving him a shallow wound across his back.

Suddenly, she dropped to her knees, and glowed white. The glow soon wore off, showing her with large, silvery wings on her back.

"Did I just--"

"--transform!" the wounded Garn finished.

She quickly, mentally, searched the back of her mind, trying to find a spell that would be suitable to use.

Quickly, she casts Silence...
User ID: 9029153
Mar 12th 6:30 PM
*With Mikosi in esper form, Garn trembled a bit, but remembered:*

<If she dies now, she'll become magicite!>

*He began chanting a spell he had just learned, one that would bring Mikosi to her doom.*

... Meteor!
Huh? Argh, silenced?"

*Garn began to violently shift through his bag for a Remedy, but found none.*

"Oh, $#!^!"

*The esper Mikosi shot a bright beam of nonelemental energy toward Garn. He flew back into a nearby wall, blood coming out of his mouth.*

"It's not over yet! Ha ha ha... you just wait... Warp!"

*Garn disappeared.*
User ID: 9029153
Mar 12th 6:39 PM
(OOC - WHOOPS! I forgot Garn couldn't warp, being in silence and all. Ignore the last message.)

*With Mikosi in esper form, Garn trembled a bit, but remembered:*

<If she dies now, she'll become magicite!>

*He began chanting a spell he had just learned, one that would bring Mikosi to her doom.*

... Meteor!
Huh? Argh, silenced?"

*Garn began to violently shift through his bag for a Remedy, but found none.*

"Oh, $#!^!"

*The esper Mikosi shot a bright beam of nonelemental energy toward Garn. He flew back into a nearby wall, blood coming out of his mouth. Frighteningly, Mikosi drew nearer, now hovering in the air with her scepter. She was in a rage. She wanted her father. She was about to lance right through him, when Garn yelled,*

"STOP!! I give up! I'll give you your dad! All I ask is that you take this silence off of me!"

*He held out the magicite to show he was telling the truth.*

"Please, I swear... I'll even leave the town and go home..."

*Slouching against the building, he threw the glistening magicite a few feet from him. Mikosi flew down and picked the magicite up. She then casted a Dispell on Garn.*

"Why thank you, Mikosi... I best be leaving now... Warp!"

*Garn appeared in a grassy field, miles away from anything in sight. He took out the magicite of Zrycor, cupped it in his hands, and laughed.*

"Just you guys wait... I'll show you the power of a caller!"
User ID: 0665994
Mar 12th 9:48 PM
(Sorry I hadn't posted in so long! ^_^;)

Hotaru had finally fully recovered and felt himself ready enough to continue. With Skyler/Ambrosia no longer draining off his MP, he was fully energized once more. And wanted Garn.

"H-How dare he!" Hotaru roared angrily, leaping to his feet. "I'll show him a thing or two! See if he can mess with a summon!" Hotaru slammed his hands together and vanished in a spiral of water.

He reappeared next to Mikosi, his pupiless blue eyes glowing brightly in anger. A wave of fatigue suddenly hit him, dropping him to the floor into a pile of blue robes and tangled limbs.

"Ooooiiy...... still not.. better yet."

User ID: 9029153
Mar 13th 2:37 AM
*Crysta was sitting at a table in her house. So many memories passed her... vague memories of her parents became vivid again. They were powerful creatures, but the cared for each other, their children, and the well-being of all espers... but when an unknown sense of evil swept upon them, they passed away into one magicite, and for the safety of young Crysta and the newborn Skyler, they were forced into human form and brought to the human world. But they were back. Crysta slowly turned her head, not very surprised to see Skyler, back to his original form, with tattered clothes, merely rags, from when he was last in his human form. His Atma Weapon was there beside his chest. He had darker skin and long dark blue hair, his two massive dragon wings were there, and he had long claws on his hands and feet.*

"Crysta... we're back home... where are... parents?"

*Without uttering a word, Crysta slowly withdrew the two magicite shards of their mother and father.*

"Dead? Parents are... dead?"

"They're magicites, Skyler... mere mementos of our parents..."

"Skyler? Who is... Skyler?"

"That is your human name... what everyone knows you as."

"Sky... Powerful magic from the sky... powers of Fuujin and Raijin... I like the name, Skyler... Who did this to parents?"

(OOC - I am NOT taking Fuujin and Raijin from FF8. What their names mean in Japanese, though, are wind and lightning, Skyler's magic speciality. So there.)

"I don't know... but we'll find out."

"Yes... Who are the people outside...?"

"They are your friends, Skyler. You have forgotten everything since you were just little..."

"Friends? From where? I thought I have lived here my whole... life..."

"Windor, the place you live now."

"In human world? I don't want to live in the human world..."

*Crysta felt saddened. All the memories Skyler knew were gone. His years of traveling and treasure hunting, skills he had acquired, and most of all, all the people he had met and friends he had made were forever forgotten.*
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