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The Quest for Forgiveness
Part 1

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Feb 4th 8:29 PM
*The young Caller Garn stepped outside of his house. It was a beautiful morning, too bad that their village almost never saw sunlight, because of the mist. But still, he could sense it was nice. A fresh wind caught his face, and he stared up into the grayness above him. Suddenly, he noticed the outline of a winged figure hurtle toward him. Garn stepped out of the way just in time to see Skyler tumble in front of him. Horrified, Garn ran into his house and notified his parents. His parents ran out to see Skyler passed out, but not injured. They suddenly realized what he was.*

"Garn, do you know what this is?! It's a Called Monster!"

"Wow! Really!?"

*Skyler's eyes awoke to see a boy with flaming red hair in a decorative black tunic.*

"W-who are you? Am I in the village of Mist?"

"Yes you are, Called Monster... how would you like to join me?"

*Garn's parents proudly smiled from behind.*

"What? Join you? Oh yes, you're a Caller. I'm sorry, I can't do that."

*Skyler turned his back and was about to leave to find the rest of the group, when Garn shouted,*

"STOP! I can't let you leave without a battle. If you win, I will let you go on your way. If I win... you join me."

*Skyler smirked at the spunky kid.*

"All right, Caller, you have a deal."

*Suddenly, from behind, three jet-propelled vehicles and a dragon appeared from behind...*
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Feb 4th 8:34 PM
"Skyler. We have to go. we can't stay here, we must find the man before he leaves."

*Crysta then noticed Garn and his parents.*

"Oh! Hello. I'm Crysta Aragaron, an esper. This is my brother, Skyler Yokotani, an esper, and three other espers, Ragnarok, Illumina and Excalibur"

*she pointed at all of them and then walked over to Skyler*

"We have to go. He's leaving. I can feel it."

*Crysta sounded worried.*
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Feb 4th 8:47 PM
***(Note to Crysta)***: Excalibur and Illumina are NOT Espers. Ragnarok, Skyler, and yourself are, though.
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Feb 4th 11:24 PM
*Crysta put her hands over Skyler's shoulders to gently try to pull him away from the challenge, but he shrugged them off.*

"(Crysta, what are you doing?)" he whispered. "(Do you want us all in control of these Callers? Even Cal and Lum, who AREN'T callers?)"

*Skyler turned back to Garn.*

"All right, kid, I accept. Give me your worst."

*Skyler was going to regret those words.*
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Feb 4th 11:34 PM
*His parents had gone back inside... they hated violence, but had to accept the fact that Garn was destined to be a warrior. He withdrew his blade, scattered with fancy designs and shaped like a sawblade.*

Skyler said, "It's going to take more than a fancy sword to defeat me, Caller..."

*But the element of surprise was on Garn's side. Before Skyler could finish saying "Caller", Garn had raised his blade above his head and was flying toward Skyler.*
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Feb 4th 11:40 PM
*The thought of <I>Hoo boy, I'm in deep s#!t now</I> crossed Skyler's head. Skyler only had time to dodge to the site, but it was too late for his trenchcoat, it was cut in half. The blade barely missed his wings, though.*

"Aw, man! First it's my grungy pants, and now a grungy--"

*Garn took another swing of his blade, but Skyler had withdrawn his Atma Weapon. Garn was fortunate enough that his sword was not too heavy, for he swung it to the side at the last moment to prevent his blade from being cut in half.*

Garn was astonished. "He has the legendary Atma Weapon!"

"Ah, I got it for a discount."

*Skyler lifted from the ground, and brought his Atma Weapon towards Garn's sword. Without it, it would be useless.*
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Feb 4th 11:44 PM
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*As a basic instinct, Garn brought his sword up to block the blow, but suddenly came to his senses. But it was too late. His sword had been slashed in half.*


*Reminiscent of another young Caller fighting for her life, Garn summoned Titan.*
User ID: 9029153
Feb 4th 11:47 PM
*HEY LOOK EVERYONE IT'S A THOUGHT BALLOON*Oh boy... how dumb can kids get? Not only am I an esper, but I can fly...*HEY LOOK EVERYONE IT'S A THOUGHT BALLOON*

*An easy flap of the wings brought Skyler into the air, not being harmed one bit by Titan's muscular attack.*

"Face it, kid..." Skyler yelled as Titan disappeared. "You're beaten."

*But Garn wasn't finished yet. He used his most powerful attack.*


*A flame appeared on Skyler's trenchcoat sleeve, burning it to a crisp.*

"Oh great, kid, now my coat's BEYOND repair."
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Feb 4th 11:52 PM
"All right. You win. Just go..."

*Garn was about to flee back inside when Skyler stopped him.*

"Wait, kid," he said. "We could use you-- your help. How would... you like to come with us?"

*Garn was NOT expecting this response. But the others weren't expecting Garn's response, either. His face lit up, and he ran back inside. Less than a minute later, Garn came back out with a suitcase, and a large grin on his face.*

Skyler was a little happy, too. "All right, that's the spirit, kid. C'mon, you can ride on Crysta's dragon until we find you another mode of transportation."

(I'll let someone cut in here. Sorry for the mass posting.)
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Feb 5th 11:31 AM
(OOC-it's okay. Lets keep going!)

"Alright! Come on Garn! Lets go!"

*Crysta took Garns Suitcase and swung it up onto Kiop's back, where it vanished.*

"Don't worry. I teleported it to my storage bank. It'll be safe there , and we can get it anytime."

*Crysta walked over to Garn's parents and said*

"Don't worry. We'll take good care of him, and we'll have him back soon, i hope!"

*Crysta ran over to Kiop and hopped on.*

"Alrighty! I'm ready, Garn, why don't you say goodbye to your parents."
User ID: 9029153
Feb 5th 12:14 PM
*Garn ran over to his parents and hugged them both.*

"Oh, stop, Garn," his mother comforted. "We knew this day would come someday... I know you'll be in good hands."

*HEY LOOK EVERYONE IT'S A THOUGHT BALLOON* I've never seen parents do THAT before... just letting a kid along with a bunch of strangers... especially with someone who threatened to kill the kid... ahh, it's not my business to ask, *HEY LOOK EVERYONE IT'S A THOUGHT BALLOON* Skyler thought.

*Garn climbed on to Crysta's dragon. His parents called out to them,*

"Shouldn't you stay here until the wind dies down?"

"No, we're okay," Crysta smiled. "Skyler, you hop on Kiop, too."

"And..." Ragnarok started, "We're off!"

*The four figures darted into the mist. The visibility around them gradually became clearer, and they could see the mountain peak. They zoomed over it, and soon, the town of Maranda was below them.*

"Should we stop in Maranda first?" Skyler called out.
User ID: 8248813
Feb 5th 1:25 PM
"Yeah! We can get some supplies!"

*Everyone went down and landed on the ground.*

"Alright! Lets go to the shop!"

*Crysta and everyone else walked to the shop, but Crysta stopped and looked left.*

"someones there!"

*She pointed to the Crowd of people, where a man in black quickly disappeared.*

"Hurry! Follow him!"
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Feb 5th 2:01 PM
*The group went through the crowd of people, trying to spot the man in black. They had no luck in finding him, and at one point, Illumina called the group over to where she was standing.*

"What is it?" Crysta asked.

*Illumina points to the ground where a few colored specks are, and replies,* "Do you notice this right here? Looks like he used some kind of magic."

*Excalibur then steps in, takes a good look at these specks, and reports,* "These specks only show up when the Warp spell is used. He's no longer here."

*Excalibur then pulls out his palmtop, and types something into it.* "I'm going to remotely run the DLL from here and see if I can locate his new wherabouts."

*The screen shows, "...", then "Location found." It then shows a dot representing where he is, and it starts to move at a rapidly increasing speed in one direction, increasing in altitude.*

"...He's stolen one of the hoverbikes!" Illumina yells. "We'll have to chase after him, and Kiop's going to have a third passenger to carry."

Crysta replies, "No problem, hop on!"

"I'll track his position from the computer built into my hoverbike!" Excalibur mentions.

*The others get on to their modes of transportation, and head off after the man in black.*
User ID: 9029153
Feb 5th 8:09 PM
Hoo boy... I can't take this...

*Skyler was VERY tired. They were chasing after the blotch of LCD on the DLL's screen, and Kiop was having no problem zooming for the figure in black, and the hoverbikes were going full blast, but Skyler wasn't a dragon or a hoverbike, and his wings were pooped. (HAHAHAHAAHAHAAh) He had to land, and he was pretty sure that Kiop couldn't hold ANOTHER passenger.*

"I'll catch up to them later... it's up to Crysta and the others..."
User ID: 8248813
Feb 5th 11:11 PM
"Looks Like Skyler's too weak! We'll have to keep going!"

*Crysta looked back, and a sudden gust of wind jolted her balance, but she stayed on.*

"Uh oh! Where is he? I can't see him!"

*The M.I.B. had gone ahead.*

"Hurry Kiop! Follow him!!"

*they swerved in and out of birds and other whatnot, until they saw the hoverbike on the ground, and the M.I.B. running from it.*

"hurry! Catch him!!"
User ID: 8248813
Feb 5th 11:14 PM
"Looks Like Skyler's too weak! We'll have to keep going!"

*Crysta looked back, and a sudden gust of wind jolted her balance, but she stayed on.*

"Uh oh! Where is he? I can't see him!"

*The M.I.B. had gone ahead.*

"Hurry Kiop! Follow him!!"

*they swerved in and out of birds and other whatnot, until they saw the hoverbike on the ground, and the M.I.B. running from it.*

"hurry! Catch him!!"
OOC Ragnarok
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Feb 5th 11:17 PM
*The other five members of Ragnarok's group are still chasing after the m.i.b...He's speeding up, and they're falling behind...*

"Isn't there any way we can slow him down?" Illumina asks.

Excalibur replies, "I have a better idea." He pulls out a small gray object, resembling a Timer mine from N64's Goldeneye, and casts 'Warp' on it, planting it under the vehicle.

"Five more seconds..."

*After that time is up, the mine explodes, destroying the bike and sending the m.i.b. flying. They go after him, hoping they will get there in time before he hits the ground...*
User ID: 0122954
Feb 5th 11:19 PM
***Note:***Ignore the OOC reference, I forgot to change that. And ignore my post, I was typing it at the time Crysta posted...
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Feb 5th 11:23 PM
OOC- No. We will ignore mine. I like rag's more!
Man in Black
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Feb 5th 11:51 PM
(OOC - Hmm. Seems that Rag was writing and meanwhile, Crysta posted... Let's go with Ragnarok's story. It's a little better, no offense...)

*Crysta steered Kiop downwards, zooming to catch the man on Kiop's back, and bring him to a safe landing, but not exactly make him... cozy. Kiop veered to a halt on the ground. The man in black jumped off and tried to run, but Ragnarok casted Silence on him to keep him from warping. He wouldn't be able to run far... so he gave up. He kept stationary as the others dismounted their vehicles/dragon. He was in a black cape and robes, with black scarves covering his face.*

"You little idiots..." he hissed. "What do you want from me?"

*Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of Crysta.*


Crysta stood guard. "I've come back for what is rightfully mine. Give us the magicite, or we take your lives."

"No, no, no... little Crysta... quite the contrary. I take your lives, and then take you as magicite!"

*He let out a hoarse laugh. The effects of Silence had worn out, but not enough that he could warp. He drew two long swords from two sheaths on his back. Crysta held her Crystal Staff, and Garn held his Sawblade Sword, held together in one piece by Excalibur's strong psychokinetic powers.*

"I am Sibelius, leader of the Empire's secret service, master of SwordTech and Magicks. You will regret trying to challenge me."

*With a stream of blue trailing from the swords, Sibelius ran to Crysta, about to perform a Cross-Slash.*
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